El Laberinto Esférico Walkthrough


El Laberinto Esférico - The First Mr Coo Game is a point and click/adventure game.
Point and click on right places in order to figure out the game.
This game is available in English and Spanish.
Good Luck!

Escape Games El Laberinto Esférico WalkthroughEl Laberinto Esférico Walkthrough:
A. clock:
1.click clock, then on the next screen use the rolling pin.
2.finish the fish game by eating smaller fish while avoiding bigger ones.
3.when you get to the top of the mountain, click the cloud, then the red guy twice. he will throw a rock.
4. pick up the rock and throw it at the cloud. then jump on the stepping stones.
5. click the genie (I clicked his hat) and the alarm clock will go off. watch ending.

B. Box with windup key
Follow the same directions above, but instead of using the clock in the red fish, you will use the box. The fish will turn into a submarine, and you will escape.

C. Jar with skull and crossbones
1. After picking up the jar, on the next screen there will be a mountain head in the top left screen. Click the tree in front of his face. You will then jump down the hole into a boiling pot.
2. when the guy fixing you for dinner comes near you and faces the other way, click the tongs in his back pocket.
3. make sure that he's not facing you when using the tongs. Click the acid bottle at the top left shelf.
4. use acid bottle on the lid. He will close the lid over your head and you will escape as a ghost.
5. click on the next screen and you will use the jar to turn physical again, but end up falling in a grave. Looks like you would die, but you actually escape this way.

After finishing all 3 you will escape for good, riding out on a baby chicken.

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