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Escape Artist is a new point and click escape the room game by Mateusz Skutnik, who is also the creator of Submachine and Daymare Town game series.
In this game, you are trapped and you need to escape by finding items and solvingo some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Escape Artist WalkthroughEscape Artist Walkthrough:
1. Pick up the paint spatula.
2. Open the ottoman on the floor and click the items until you get the picture. Place the picture on the wall in between the other two.
3. Click each colored shape and note what shape it turns into: pink-triangle, blue-square, yellow-circle.
4. Click under the left side of the couch and get the stained glass piece (1).
5. Go left and click the 4 blank frames and get the blank canvas.
6. Get the stained glass piece (2) from under the side table.
7. Left again and click one of the white scrolls. With the shapes you got from the 3 pictures on the wall, enter in the correct shapes. Get the stained glass piece (3).
8. Get the box of cat food.
9. Open the left side desk cabinet drawer and get the stained glass piece (4).
10. Go left and pick the paintbrush off the floor.
11. Eat the apple and prunes off the plate and click the plate so it is on the floor. Use the cat food on it.
12. Open the easel on the right side of the cabinet and place the canvas on it. Use the paintbrush and paint yourself a key.
13. Use the paint spatula on the painting and get stained glass piece (5).
14. Move the chair on the right and get stained glass piece (6).
15. Click under the left side of the cabinet and get stained glass piece (7).
16. Go left (or right) twice and get the stained glass piece (8) next to the cat.
17. Use the key on the treasure chest and get stained glass piece (9).
18. Once all the pieces are on the door you are out and a TRUE escape artist!

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  1. Nothing happens when you select the shapes on the scroll. You're supposed to get a piece of glass, but you don't.

  2. i cant find 1 more where is it this game is shit

  3. i have got all of the pieces except for one, the shapes on the wall dont stay when you click on them. I dont get how you get the stained glass piece from the shapes and the scroll???

  4. Spottedfeather:
    keep clicking on the triangle until it is facing up and down instead of an arrow pointing to the left :)

  5. To place the pieces on the wall, make sure there are no canvas in front of the door and click on the stained glass part of the door, it should zoom in on that area, once your there voila, place ur pieces and your done :)

  6. must be a bug in the game got all but one peice, then couldnt' pick up the paint spatula. went to put the pieces that i had in, and couldn't pick up one of them either.

  7. The blank canvas won't let me put it on the easel and occasionally it won't let me click on it at all x_x

  8. OKAY! To get the glass from the scroll you have to get the TRIANGLE YOU GET WHEN YOU CLICK TWICE and NOT the one that you start off with!!!

  9. it's not letting me place the last piece of glass in the frame...idk why? no canvasas are out or anything...glitch?

  10. You have to click on the paintings where the dog is and MEMORIZE it and go back to the scroll and click until it's the right shapes.. -_-..

  11. ZOMG thnx! you rele helped me! ^_^ i applaud you! lol

  12. the shapes dont have to stay in the picture frames.just memorize what they change into and put it on the scroll. SO HELPFUL!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  13. Sooo... what's with the letters? Just a distracter?

  14. Ummm.....I can't get the last piece. And there's 2 side tables, one with the food and one with the paint.... help?

  15. Thank you i suppose, although i can't find the last piece.


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