Escape from the House of Candy 2 Walkthrough


Escape from the House of Candy 2 is the sequel of Escape from the House of Candy 1, a point and click escape the room game created by Twinkle, who is also the creator of:
Cindrella Escape
Escape of Blue Door
Escape of Little Red Riding-Hood
and Rapunzel's Escape.

Escape from the House of Candy 2 WalkthroughEscape from the House of Candy 2 Walkthrough:
1. Pick up the cup.
2. Go left and open the top drawer. Get the spoon.
3. Click the bowl and use the spoon. Get the o. Keep using the spoon until you get to the bottom of the bowl. Note that square = san.
4. Left again and pick up the ice cream.
5. Click the top bar of the abacus (around the middle) and get the stick.
6. Click the area to the top of the abacus and use the stick to press the button.
7. If you know how to read an abacus, the number is 824.
8. Go left and click the left side of the purple box. Use the spoon on the discolored area and get the key.
9. Note the order of the shapes on the wall.
10. Go right twice and use the key on the bottom cabinet. Get the a.
11. Zoom out and click to the left of the cabinet. Note that triangle = bon. In this same view, click behind the cabinet. Use the stick to get the g.
12. Zoom back out and enter 824 on the lockbox. Get the h.
13. View the cup. Use the ice cream on it and click the cup until it’s empty. When you read inside, note that circle = wa.
14. Go right. From the order of the shapes on the wall, you get the code wasanbon. Enter this into the box on the floor. Get the i.
15. Zoom out and click on the panel on the wall. Enter the letters as ohagi, the Japanese word for sweet rice balls.
16. Click “ok” and then click on the door. You’re out!

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  1. After input of ohagi turn to abacus:
    New numbers appear!
    Enter 51673 to box on floor.

    Exit with perfect end!


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