Escape from the House of Candy Walkthrough


Okashi - Escape from the House of Candy is a point and click escape the room game created by Twinkle, who is also the creator of Cindrella Escape, Escape of Blue Door, Escape of Little Red Riding-Hood and Rapunzel's Escape games.
Good Luck!

Escape from the House of Candy WalkthroughEscape from the House of Candy Walkthrough:
Pick up coffee cup. Get the green lollipop.
Go left and open the top cabinet. Get the spoon.
Use the spoon on the sundae until you get the pink gumball.
Click the left side of the cabinet and get the d.
Go left and get the strawberry. Use the spoon on the dessert and get the coin.
Use the coin on the gumball machine, turn the handle, and get the yellow gumball.
Left again and put the strawberry on the cake. Get the c.
Note the color of the donuts from left to right. Count the color of each of the dots on the cake, you get the code 544.
Go left (or right) twice back to the cabinet. Enter the code into the numbered lockbox. Get the a.
View the pink gumball. Use the coffee on it. Get the key.
Use the key on the bottom cabinet and get the n.
Go left and click the ceiling area. View the yellow gumball and click it so it’s “chewed”. View the green lollipop and stick the gum to it.
Use this on the candy on the wall an get the y.
Go left (or right) twice and click the door lock. Spell the word candy and click ok.
Open the door and you’re out!

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