The Horror Mansion - Escape from the Japanese Room Walkthrough


The Mystery House - Escape from the Japanese Room is a point and click escape the room game.
You are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

The Horror Mansion - Escape from the Japanese Room WalkthroughThe Mystery House - Escape from the Japanese Room Walkthrough:
Once your game starts, turn left (once) In the caligraphy tile, lower right of the character there is a pixel point to click and zoom in to get a value for triangle That value is 3.

Nothing else bearing any relations to the game can be done at this time at this screen. Turn left (once) and you come to a tree, window and bamboo screen. Click at mid point of left hand side to bamboo screen. This will take you to a basin and standing water. To get the next value, click open bamboo in upper right corner of screen to get the "x" value, of 7. Go back one scree to the basin, and click around midways of left hand side of screen to go to wall under the window. Here you will find a cup, click on it to take it, which releaves a button switch, and gives you the value for the star, 9.

Click back twice, turn right (once) and locate a stick in upper screen, above the cut bamboo pole. Click on stick till it falls into cut bamboo. If you bother to look inside, you will see the stick inside, try and get it and it will say that bamboo is to narrow. Whether you look or not, turn one screen left, click behind bamboo screen, and note that there is now running water. Select your cup and click on the running water to fill your cup. Cilck back one, turn right (once) and click on cut bamboo to zoom in, select cup fill with water, and click in open bamboo to float stick within reach.

Collect stick, back out of screen, and turn twice in either direction to screen with blade showing. Of note here, is a sheet of paper on the bottom shelf of the table, with certain symbols. The triangle, square, circle, star, and # Values of which you have been collecting. On the top shelf there is a click spot on the left edge that will take you to (at current) a lit circle, obscuring the value for square. The right rim of the round shoji window can be clicked to access a combination counter where you'll imput numerical values that you have been gathering. And last, above the shoji is a crack in the shape of an arrow pointing to the cieling. Click at the end of the "arrow" and you will get a view of a light recessed into the cieling. This is shining bright light on the spot with the square value, and needs to be dimmed. Take your stick, and click in the light to block the emiting source. Click back once, click on left edge of top shelf and get the value for square, 8.

Click back out, and turn around twice in either direction to the bamboo screen, click back into the cut bamboo, and the water has made the value for "#" to appear, 5.

You now have enough numbers to figure out two of three codes. (well,three of four if you count the safe code) If you remember the sheet on the bottom shelf with the sword. It depicts a mountain (Mt. Fuji), a bird (hawk) and a plant (eggplant) Respectively as triangle, square, and circle. On the sheet it points to other three value codes. These codes are used to release items needed to unlock the door. The triangle gives the code of triangle, #, and "x," with the values we've found that tells us 3,5,7. Go to the sword screen, click the right side rim of the Shoji window, and put the code in, in order. Click enter and it'll state "Katoooon," which signifies that one of the items has been released. You can either collect it or proceed to imput more codes.

To collect the released item, click back out, turn two screens in either direction to the jar screen, and click on the third rock in the inner bend coming from the right, it reveals a key. Pick up key. Again you can choose to put the key into its latch position or collect more items to unlock the door lock.

Next item is collected by going back to the sword screen. Now that you've used the combination counter, you can open the shoji by simply clicking on the window, then clicking just inside the rim to get back to the counter. The square/Hawk item is released with the value code of star, square, and "x," or 9,8,7. Click the enter button and it will state "Zath," denoting that the second item is released. Once again, click back, turn twice to the jar screen, and now click in the middle of the three uncut bamboo poles at their base, there will be something sticking out of the water. Click on it to recieve a coin.

The third item is collected by, again, going to the combination counter, and entering the values for star, "#", and circle. Now I've never found the circle value, but others have and they say it is 2 (and it works) so the numbers are 9,5,2. Click enter and get the statement, "Koto," denoting the release of the third item. Back out, and turn one screen right. Click anywhere in the left window cover to slide it open, and on the sill is a comb. Collect it.

Now to unlock the door latch, click behind the bamboo screen, to the basin, then click around left edge of basin to find a plate where you can place your three items. Just match the shapes. No words to tell you it worked. Next is to get the final key. On the sheet of paper with the codes, there is one that says "OPEN" with the values of the star, "#", and "x," 9,5,7. Enter this into the combination counter and click enter to recieve stament, "Katch," announcing the safe is open. The safe is the panel that is behind the Shoji window. It is now unlocked, and you can retrive the final key.

Now, to be able to unlock the door, you cannot simply just put the key to the door, on no. Turn right once more to the bamboo screen, click behind it to the basin, then the upper right corner where the x value was, and there is now a latch present in the opening that once was. This latch was unlocked by the three items ealier, place the key, back out twice, turn twice in either direction and click the door.

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