Hot and Cold Walkthrough


Hot and Cold is a new point and click escape the room game.
You are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Hot and Cold WalkthroughHot and Cold Walkthrough:
1. On white table, click the brown stand. Once zoomed in, click the blue spot on the left side for the screwdriver handle.

2. Go right. Click between the toolbox and the table leg. Once zoomed, click again between the board and the table leg. White paper is useless. However, take note of code and get second piece of screwdriver.

3. Go right twice. Click on the wine rack on the four bottles together. There is a key in a bubble hidden there.

4. Zoom out and go back to the fireplace. Put key in bubble in the fireplace. It will melt.

5. Click the off colored panel on the left wall next to the fireplace. It will open. Enter the code found on the leg of the table (521436). A guage and a switch are inside. Use the screwdriver to turn the switch. Zoom out and the fire will be off in the fireplace.

6. Retrieve 2 keys from the fireplace. One that you put in and in the back, there is another that looks white.

7. Go left and open the toolbox with the yellow key. Retrieve hammer.

8. Zoom out and go right twice. Open the fridge with the green key and get liquid nitrogen.

9. Use nitrogen on doorknob and hit it with the hammer & you're out!

Thanks to: Escape Games 24

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  1. Im stuck at the put the key in fireplace thing

  2. when you have the key in a bubble, you have to click around lots until it just goes in the fire, click towards the bottom i think. then leave it and follow the rest of the walkthough!

  3. my key in a buble won't go on the fireplace and melt

  4. where do i click on thew firplace wall

  5. You have to turn the fire off before you put the key in, then turn it on and off again

  6. Click the bottom of the fire and the key will go in. No need to turn it off then on again.

  7. help me i'm stuck in the fire plase too

  8. To get the key back out of the fire, go back to the hidden safe thingy with code and use screwdriver on it to turn fire off and retrieve key


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