Locked Forever 5 Walkthrough


Locked Forever 5 is a point and click type escape the room game.
In this game you need to find 10 keys in order to escape.
Good Luck!

Locked Forever 5 WalkthroughLocked Forever 5 Walkthrough:
1) Collect the key in the little bowl on the table.
2) Click the DVD player under the table to eject it for another key.
Click at the right hand end as you look at it.
3) Go right.
4) Click the poster twice to unfurl it.
5) Zoom in on the poster and take a note of the colours of the groups of people in the foreground.

6) Go right.
7) Move the chair and pick up the green key. Click the left side of
the desk to pull out the bin which has a key in it.
8) Collect the hammer from the middle cupboard.
9) Use the green key to open the wardrobe and collect another yellow key.
10) Turn the colours on the box to match the code on the poster, this will turn the PC on.
11) Count the number of black lines in each column on the PC.
12) Go Right
13) Open the drawer to get the knife.
14) Use the knife to open one of the hanging cupboard to get another key.
15) use the hammer on the fifth floor tile from the safe to smash it and then use the knife to get another key.
16) Enter the code into the safe. It's the number of black lines from the PC. You'll get another key.
17) Go left
18) Use the knife to chop off the ariel.
19) Use the ariel between the cupboards and the wardrobe for another key.
20) Go right, use the ariel again behind the sink cupboard.
21) Open the oven for the final key.

Click on the door and you're out!

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