The Mystery House – The Second Stage Walkthrough


The Mystery House – The 2nd Stage - Escape from the Beginning Room is a new chapter to Mystery House point and click escape the room game.
You are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

The Mystery House The Second Stage WalkthroughThe Mystery House – The Second Stage Walkthrough:
1. Go left and click the cabinet. Click the right side and get the stick.
2. Zoom out and click the left side of the cabinet. Get the match.
3. Go right and use the stick on the cobweb. Get the screw.
4. As you go around the room, look for ghosts or inspirations.
5. When you get one click the desk. Then click the left side to plug in the lamp.
6. Zoom out and click the inspiration, then click the switch on top of the lamp. Note the code that the ghost draws 683. (*You can always get extra inspirations by going around the room).
7. Use this code on the desk drawer, zoom out, click the drawer and get the screwdriver.
8. Go left to the door and click the doorknob. Use the screw, then zoom out and open the door.
9. Go right and use the stick to get the matchbox.
10. Open the matchbox and get the cabinet key.
11. Use the key on the cabinet and get the newspaper.
12. Go to the fireplace and place the newspaper. Use the match on it to set it on fire.
13. When the fire extinguishes, get the brooch
14. Use the brooch on the red box on the cabinet shelf. Get the door key.
15. Use the key on the door and you’re out!

You can get as many inspirations as you want and use them to show you things around the room that you can’t see with the naked eye. Trying using inspirations in the mirror, in the view of the exit door, in the zoomed out view of the fireplace, and on the ax to the right of the fireplace.

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  1. nice but very confusing and please give the instructions in english


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