Naughty Cafeteria Walkthrough


Naughty Cafeteria is another chapter of Naughty series.

"Who would've guessed that the cafeteria would be the perfect place for the ultimate naughtiness. Point and Click on the correct objects to make combinations."
Good Luck!

Naughty Cafeteria WalkthroughNaughty Cafeteria Walkthrough:
1 Take bottle of table. Click yellow bottle than blue bottle.
2 Pick up blue balloon. Click balloon and waterfountain. Click big ballon and white rectangle at the left.
3 Take screwdriver and saw. Use the saw under the girls feet.
4 Click frog and flowers
5 Use the screwdriver on waterfountain,click handbag and quickly the red bottle.
6 Click handbag and quickly the orangejuice
7 Click boy's hat and camera next to him.

You get more points, the faster you do the tasks.

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