Naughty Supermarket Walkthrough


Another Naughty Game.
"The super market attendant is in love with a beautiful girl...But there's a catch, the dumb jock got to her first! Help the attendant get naughty and get the girl of his dream!"
Good Luck!

Naughty Supermarket WalkthroughNaughty Supermarket Walkthrough:
1. first collect the knife, the rose petals, the misseltoe, and the porno mag
2. then knock the can of beans down from the shelf.
3. after that click on the porno mag from your inventory and stick it in the boyfriends jacket.
4. then combin the knife with the meat/bird and that creates a meat patty.
5. after that select the meat patty and put it near the skanky girls feet.
6. an old lady will appear. click on her then the box of cereal she's trying to reach.
7. then hang the misseltoe off the hook near the meat.
8. move to the next screen and take you picture in the booth.
9. click on your picture and move it to the employee of the month frame.
10.lasty add the rose pettles to the basket and click on the hook.

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  1. Perfect until i get to the end. I click the rose petals but when i try to click to put them in the basket, nothing happens until she starts to walk out. THEN the petals appear in the basket right before i get the Game Over message. :( This happens time and time again.


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