Room W & R Walkthrough


Maybe Game - Room W&R is a new point and click escape the room game.

You are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Room W & R WalkthroughRoom W & R Walkthrough:
1. zoom in on the bed. take the nozzle from the right side of the pillow. notice the words on the nozzle: “towards the wall”.
2. from the cupboard: top drawer - take a pen. it is extendable, middle drawer - take a towel.
3. from the cupboards top take cold creame. look at it in your inventory and take the cover off.
4. zoom in at the table under the mirror. open the drawer. notice some lipstick markings.
5. in inventory open the towel and use cold creme on it. use the tower on lipstick markings. notice word “anagram”.
6. go left. click on the coach. lift the right pillow up and click the gap of the coach (it’s a little darker and the line is not straight). get the screwdriver’s hadle. notice the pictures above the coach.
7. go left again. click on the bookcase and on the pink box - third from left. get the hourglass.
8. zoom out and now click on the cupboard with wine. get the label from the bottle and check it in your inventory. you’ll get a note with the word “monochrome”.
9. now click the lower part of the cupboard. click the left upper corner of the right door. the door will open and you get a teapot. look at it in your inventory and open it.
10. now click the right bottom corner of the cupboard (the gap between the two cupboards). use the extended pen and get the other part of the screwdriver. open the hadle in your inventory and put the other part in - make yourself a screwdriver.
11. go back to the view with the coach and click on the pictures. click on the monochrome one with a penguine. now click both top corners and a picture will fall. get a key.
12. go right and zoom in on the table with a mirror. use the key on the lock and get a note with leaf, pot and glass.
13. go right and look under the bed. take the box.
14. the note with pictures is a hint for the code for the box: put in the number of leaves from wine label, a number of flower pots and a number ar wine glasses. it’s 832. open the box and get a alphanumeric gadget (i’m not sure how to call it). look at it in your inventory - it will turn around and there’s a place to put in an alphabetic ar numeral character.
15. go back left and zoom in on the chair under the mirror table. use the screwdriver on it. get a bottle.
16. in your inventory check the bottle. use the nozzle on the bottle. now use the teapot on the bottle - you will fill it with water.
17. check out the hourglass. open it’s top.
18. check the bottle again and use hourglass on it. the water becomes red.
19. now use the bottle on the wall above the bed (the view where you see bed and door). you’ll see “sing escape”.
20. here’s the fun part: you need to make an anagram of the words “sing escape” (remember the lipstick markings?). the anagram is “peace signs”. the two fingers for peace sign is actually like a letter “V”. put letter “v” (lowercase) in the alphanumeric thingy and press the button on the right. Voila! you get a key!
21. use the key on the door. and you’re out!

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  1. thank you very much for the walkthrough it was very helpful

  2. This game is simply unsolvable without a walk through!

    And the peace sign looks like a Y rather than a V, if anything...

  3. Yeah - that was ridiculously hard.


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