Spoerg Olivia - Adventure spillet Walkthrough


Spoerg Olivia - Adventure spillet is a Danish point and click typ adventure game.
In this game you need to solve a lot of puzzles in order to solve the game.
The language is not a problem.
Good luck!

Spoerg Olivia - Adventure spillet WalkthroughSpoerg Olivia - Adventure spillet Walkthrough:
1. Collect the fan-belt lying on the floor.
2. Click the revolving door handle to enter the next room.
3. Collect the fuse from the floor.
4. Fit the fan-belt onto the machine between the two wheels.
5. Click the diesel tap to allow fuel into the machine.

6. Click the switch on the machine to turn it on.
7. Note the passcode on the wall and then enter this into the lock. The code changes every game.
8. Enter the room to the right.
9. Click the fuse box on the wall to open it.
10. Flick the switch to blow the fuse and then replace it with the one you picked up.
11. Flick the switch again and the elevator will now open.
12. Go into the elevator and press the button for the 1st floor.
13. On the first floor enter the bathroom to the left.
14. Pick up the cloth on the hook.
15. Open the cupboard under the sink and examine the newspaper.
16. Go back to the first floor and click the voice activated lock on the right hand side.
17. The voice will ask you a question (in Dannish) and you have to supply the correct answer by typing it into the box by the word "Svar" and then click the "Svar" button. Although this is in Dannish you should be able to work out the question and the answer. All the answers are in the newspaper. For example in a couple of games I was asked who flew the Atlantic (Charles Lindbergh) and who was playing the the file "the General" (Buster Keaton)
18. Enter the room to the right.
19. The number puzzle is pretty simple, the numbers are halved going from left to right. Enter the two missing number and pull the lever. A ladder will drop from above.
20. Move into the room to the right and then right again.
21. Drape the cloth over the parrot and he'll drop the key enabling you to get it from the cage.
22. Examine the table for a clue or two.
23. Go back left and click on Africa three times on the globe, it'll open and you can get a disc.
24. Go left and go up the ladder.
25. Click the machine on the right which says "Status for dor L9" - Switch the symbols on the two switches until the light turns green. I don't know what the actual code is for this but it's not too hard to use trial and error. When the light is green the door on the second level will open.
26. Use the elevator to go up to the second level. Enter the L9 to the left.
27. Focus in on the door code. The secret here is that the difference between the first two numbers is 1, the second two is 2 etc etc.
28. Enter the lab and flick the switch on the wall. Get the piece of puzzle under the magnet.
29. Place the disc on the record player and pull the lever on the right hand side. You must remember the sequence of the flashing squares as you'll need this later on.
30. Go back to the first level and go back up the ladder to the control room.
31. Use the key to open the machine and then re-enter the sequence you've just seen, you'll then be able to get another piece of the puzzle.
32. Go back to the room with the parrot. If you take the cloth back off the cage the parrot should talk to you. Apparently he tell you a certain time.
33. Go to the Grandfather clock and move the hands to the time the parrot has told you. For me it was 07:35 but again apparently the time does change.
34. When you've got the correct time you'll get another puzzle piece.
35. Go to the top floor and put all three pieces into the triangle to open the door.
36. Go right twice and you'll get another voice activated door to speak to. Again the answers are all from the newspaper.
37. Go to the room with a safe in it.
37. Click the door at the back of the room. The puzzle to solve here is really easy, it's just the colours that the two colours in the middle would make when mixed.
38. Enter the room and click the box to get a key.
39. Go back to the room with a padlocked door in it. Use the key to open the door.
40. Enter the room with all the books and go right. Note the picture on the back wall.
41. Go back left and leave the room. Go left twice to go back to the room with the big machine in it. Use this like a fairground grab machine to grab the disc that matches the picture on the wall in the room with the books.
42. Go back to the room with the books. Click the bookshelf at the back of the room and then click the book titled "Digte"
43. Enter the secret room and note the three letter code on the wall.
44. Go back to the room with the safe.
45. Put the disc on the safe and enter the three letter code to open it.
46. Inside is a rollodex full of questions. The question you need to select ends with the word "aegget" - Click on this question to take it with you.
47. Go back to the secret room and open the door by pressing the star on the wall. Enter the robot's chamber.
48. Click the green button by the little robot and he'll ask the big robot a question. Give him your card and click the green button.
49. Apparently what happens is the big robot can answer any question apart from this one because it isn't a factual question. Don't ask me I'm not Dannish!
50. When the robot has disappeared click the flashing red button to escape.

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