S.S.S.G. Super Sneaky Spy Guy - Illusions Walkthrough


S.S.S.G. Super Sneaky Spy Guy - Illusions is a point and click type adventure game.

In this game, you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

S.S.S.G. Super Sneaky Spy Guy - Illusions WalkthroughS.S.S.G. Super Sneaky Spy Guy - Illusions Walkthrough:
Opening scene shed in garden. Get shovel and dig up to get key. Go to house.

Enter house.....lighter under sofa, spoon in cabinet above table, toothbrush in bathroom.

Use key to enter room on left. Click red book in bookcase to get green gem. Pool table place cue ball in pocket for another key.
Get bowling ball and spray.

Exit and go to room on right. Key under cushion bottom of bed. Cabinets by bed with coloured buttoms (check plates downstairs for the order to press the buttons)
Opens TV. Code is on the calendar downstairs (four digits)
Firecracker in dressing table drawer.

Downstairs clean mud at front door and get code for bathroom cupboards. Up to bathroom and open doors in order of code and get red gem. Spray picture by door to get pills.

Go outside and enter shed for crowbar. Back inside and cabinet under TV for another key. Blow up the statue to make a crystal ball.
Take pills and go outside to see coloured stars. Press in order of code in drawer under calendar.

Enter space ship. Click the black squares on the walls until you find a red button. Change to green (two buttons). Then go to consol by batteries and turn on.
Search around for personal space pod and get blue gem.
Shrink crystal in shrink machine using spoon as lever. Place pearl in telescope.
Get pliers from cabinet and use to get a sleepy flower.
Back to house and shark tank. Put shark to sleep and enter tank with telescope thingy. Now using firecrackers blow up crates until you get a pedastal. Place bowling ball on pedastal and the gems. Go to chest and force field is off. Use crowbar and key to open. Then end...

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  2. mm i'm stuck:\, i don't know how to enter[?] the code that on the floor - to the white closet in the bathroom.

  3. there is closets 1-3. 1 is first, 2 is middle and 3 is last one. so the code is 31312 (?) its last, first, last, first, middle.

    Im stuck with "blow up crates until i pedastal" where the heck i need to blow up?

  4. Hi, i' m stuck with those stupid lights , to get the telescope. Can anyone help?

  5. I cant get past the shed. It wont let move towards the house unless I use the key on the shed. But then I dont hve one to get into the rooms upstairs. HELP!

  6. I dont get the code for behind the tv...it is on the calendar but wheren?

  7. There is a arrow in the middle of the left side of the screen to go to the house ;)

  8. code for pad behind tv...notice anything strange about the order of the numbered days? two days are reversed...this is the code...

  9. Does any body know how to open the space pod for the blue gem????Help????

  10. when you watch the calender. you could saw date is changed with 16 and 17

    so code that behind TV is 1716


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