Stanza Cinese Walkthrough


Stanza Cinese is a new point and click escape the room game.
You are trapped in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solvin some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Stanza Cinese Walkthrough, guide, solution, hintsStanza Cinese Walkthrough:
Go left twice.
Click the books, note the numbers.
Go out.
Go to the front door, click on bottom drawer, move the socks, click the button.
Open top drawer get lighter.
Note the number in the wall "3+2"
Click on door.
Click on skull, note the numbers:
Go out.
Go right
Click top of toilet and get diamond.
Go out, go down.
Click on candles.
Go right, click on blue box
Code: 5 4 23
Get key.
Go out.
Go to the kitchen, click on door, click computer, click second folder.
Code: 1999 (from books)
Go out from kitchen.
Click on locked door, get axe
Go out.
Go to the TV room, click on vase, wait until you see the candle.
Go to second floor, click on locked door, click on text and Out!
I think that's the end but I'm not sure.

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