The Alpha Room Walkthrough


The Alpha Room is a point and click escape the room game.
You are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving puzzles.
Good Luck!

The Alpha Room WalkthroughThe Alpha Room Walkthrough:

1. zoom on t.v. turn it on. look what is different.
2. zoom into trash can take TOKEN.
3. click on bottom of trash can (little sensitive) take TOKEN.
4. zoom on message board. note number writen on the uppermost of three lines.
5. click on switch - turn off the lights. go right once. note location of cross. turn back and put the light back on.
6. turn right. zoom on lost poster. remember where the cross was? click there until you get TOKEN.
7. click on pillow. take TOKEN.
8. click under the right side of bed. note the hint (you'll need it later).
9. turn right. click on middle GREEN BOOK to take it. view the book. note the hints in it. one of the hints will be a sentance consisting a color and number. remember them. click on pages until you find a TOKEN.
10. zoom in on window. click on window that turns on and off to take TOKEN.
11. turn right. zoom on down left side of cabinet. remember color and number.
12. zoom behind the drawers cabinet. again note number and
13. remember the hint on the message board? open the top drawer the same number you've seen on the note (probably 7). you'll find a notebook with a hint. note number and color.
14. zoom in on poster with colorful shapes. you have to make it fall. click by this order:
upper left corner
bottom right corner
yellow circle
bottom left corner
upper right corner
upper left corner
you'll get a BLUE KEY
15. open right door of cabinet.
16. turn right. take HAMMER from cabinet.
17. click on bottom left corner of rag. take TOKEN.
18. turn the light off. view book. click pages 'till you see a yellow diagram. note number of circles and the position underneath. turn light on again.
19. turn right. use hammer on vase. you get HOOK.
20. turn right. zoom on green box on bottom shelf. remember the colors and the numbers? click on the round bottons until you get the colors on the panel corresponding it's number.
for example:
i had: "one yellow car", "two yellow socks", "three brown t-shirts" and "four red tomatos".
therefore my color sequance was:
yellow(1), yellow(2), brown(3), red(4)
open the box and take RED KEY.
21. zoom out. zoom on browm box. use red key on brown box. take TOKEN.
22. turn right. use red key on bottom drawer. take SCREWDRIVER.
23. use screw driver on top left bolt - at the bottom of cabinet.
24. turn left. usr screwdriver on bottom right bolt.
25. turn right twice. use screwdriver on the remaining bolts. the bottom of cabinet opens, and inside there's a stick. use hook on stick. now you have EXTENDED HOOK.
26. use the hook on blue box perched on top of the cabinet. you get a blue round thingy.
27. turn right twice. zoom in on fan. put the round blue thingy on clickable place at bottom of fan - it's a switch! turn the switch. a paper drops down.
28. zoom out. use blue key on left cabinet door. take PAINT BRUSH (on upper shelf, hard to see). use screw driver to open the lid of black paint can.
29. turn right. zoom on paper on the floor. note number of circles and position.
30. zoom behind drawer cabinet. use hammer on nail. take TOKEN.
31. open middel drawer, use screwdriver to open lid of yellow paint can. use paint brush on can.
32. turn right. remember the diffrence on t.v.? that's right - you have to make the sad smily happy! use paintbrush on smily. the sad smile dissapears. turn left twice. use paitbrush on black paint can. turn right twice. use paintbrush on smily - you made him smile!
33. click on smily. zoom on safe. remember the hint under the bed? that's a diagram for witch lights to turn on. turn the light on the circles corresponding to the y letters. open safe and take TOKEN. note number of circles and position.
34. turn right twice. zoom under bed. use hook on the red box. note number of circles and position.
35. now you should have 4 numbers and their positions. that's your password for the door.
36. turn right and zoom on pannel next to door. click on the crack under the token symbol, to put all 10 tokens in. now put in your password, click the door.... and you're out!!!!

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