The Ballad of Ketinetto - part 2 Walkthrough


The Ballad of Ketinetto 2 WalkthroughThe Ballad of Ketinetto 2 is the second chapter of The Ballad of Ketinetto point and click adventure game created by Federico Rutenberg, who is also the creator of Esklavos and Doctor Ku.

"The new and better features are: - Character perspective - Objects names - bugs fixed - Inventory fully functionally, and more."
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The Ballad of Ketinetto 2 Walkthrough:
Get loose wood from left.
Take bottles until you find one that is not broken.
Go right to the alley and talk to the old man (he need some drink). Exit.
Click on loose tiles until you find a worm.
Go into the right door, get jar and card.
Read note on the wall.
Use card on stool to get sediments.
Use jar on faucet to get rum.
Go to the beach.
Get stick and rope.
Use bottle on sea water.
Click the + sign, click one stick and click the other. Now you have both of them as one item, use the rope with sticks to combine them.
Use the joined sticks on wooden duck.
Put the worm, the sediments and the water into de jar with rum.
Go to the alley and give the jar to the old man, take flag.
Go to the beach.
Put the sticks in the duck's hole, now put the flag in the mast and..."to be continued"

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  1. But you have not mentioned how to get the methane gas, if you read the list you need methane gas. Also when you have all the items you add them together you cant add the worm. This is because you have not added the methane yet. When you give the rum to the man and it hasn't got the worm in it says you have not got all the ingredients. As I said before its because you haven't added the methane yet. The only reason why I decided to look at a walkthrough is to see how to get the methane gas after that i would have finished the game. I do not think this is a very good walkthrough because it does not include all parts of the game..... Apart from that i think this walkthrough is good but it does not explain how to do things very good

  2. The walkthrough worked perfectly well for me - I believe the "methane gas" is actually "methane gas sediments" which you scrape off the bar stool with the card.
    With most walkthroughs you may have to work backwards a little to follow them exactly as written to understand - this is not a failure on behalf of walkthroughs - merely the nature of the beast.


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