The Basic Escape Game Walkthrough


The Basic Escape Game is a point and click type escape the room game.
In this game, you are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

The Basic Escape Game WalkthroughThe Basic Escape Game Walkthrough:
1. Go 1 time on the right.
2. Take the sheet on the ground left.
3. Click on the right of belief. - There is a roman numerals: VII. - There is also a lair.
4. Go 1 time on the right.
5. Click on the black dot on the right.
6. Take the currency.
7. Go 1 time on the right.
8. Mark the symbol in the wall. - Click inside the box. Take the cutter.
9. 2 Go to the right.
10. Drag the cutter on the glass. - Take the colored threads.
11. Go 1 time on the right.
12. Drag the wires at the centre of coloured threads blacks.
13. Enter the code in box: 2401. - Click on "Enter".
14. Take the blue gem.
15. Go 1 time on the right.
16. Take the second blue gemstone.
17. 2 Go to the right.
18. Take the third gem blue.
19. Go 1 time left.
20. Putting 3 blue gems left of the door, in the appropriate spaces. - Go 1 time on the right.
21. Click on the right of belief. - Take the key.
22. Go 1 time left.
23. Drag the key on the door.
24. Exit.
25. Insert the coin in the space left the door black.
26. Exit.

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