Bon Dance Walkthrough


Bon Dance is a new point and click/adventure game created by Minoto, who is also the creator of A Couple of Milky Way and Fireworks of the Summer.

Bon Dance WalkthroughBon Dance Walkthrough:
1. Turn right, the little patch of grass, click it and get the gas tank.
2. Turn left, click the tank then the gas pump to fill it.
3. Go right until you you see the car.
4. Give the full gas tank to the car. When it takes off grab the surf board.
5. Go all the way to left and give the surf board to the fox. Now grab his hat.
6. Go all the way to the right and give the hat to the boy. He will reach up and drop the eel trap. Click on it.
7. Go left once and put eel trap in the water. Now pick it up again, highlight it, click the about item and get ball by clicking eel trap.
8. Go left once, click the ball and throw it at the guy with the club, it will knock him down so you can pick up the club.
9. After you get it go to where the monkey is at at the very end and give the club to little blue guy. He will set the monkey from. Click on the monkey to drop the axe. Pick it up.
10. Now go all the way the left and chop down the tree. Grab the spider and go back to where the monkey is.
11. Put the spider on the web at the top left hand corner. The spider will create a string. Wait until the monkey climbs it then falls. Click the monkey and 12. Go left twice and give string to the bird. A kimono will automatically appear in your inventory.
13. Turn right once, give the kimono to the little naked pink guy and you get the perfect end.

The not-perfect end!

1. Pick up the small grass, take gasoline can.
2. Fill it at the pump. Thankfully, you don't need money!
3. Give it to the car, and take the surfboard. Give the surfboard to the fox. He will leave his(Strangely familiar) hat.
4. Give the hat to the boy next to the caged monkey. Look at that! It's Luffy D. Monkey! :D He will stretch out his arm and get the eel trap.
5. Put it in the water, and you get a ball. Use it on the oni(the thing with the target on it) and take Excaliborg(The little 'metal rod' with spikes. It looks like Excaliborg from Dokuro)
6. Give Excaliborg to the little oni-type thing(it's blue) and he will open the cage. The monkey with superhero clothes on comes out. Take the axe.
7. Use the axe on the tree, take the spider. Put spider on the web, and he spins a little web. The monkey tries to climb, and he falls. Move him to take the spider thread.
8. Give the thread to the crane, and she weaves it into a kimono. Give it to the little oni with the Excaliborg. Yay!

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