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Dassyutu 21 - Dream Escape aka Robot Room is a Japanese point and click escape the room from the creator of Dassyutu series.
In this game you are trapped in a room and you need to escape.
Good Luck!

Dream Escape WalkthroughDream Escape Walkthrough:
1. look behind the feet of the pink robot
(notice the colors blue-red-brown-yellow)
2. get the blue remote controll from the closet
3. drag the remote control over the tv and watch the robots
(each robot stands for a number and has a color = code)
4. get the extendable antennae from the top of the tv
5. enter code next to pink robot. (3194)
6. take battery and blue part from robots hands
7. get the flashlight from unter the laptop table and the little robot on table
8. turn laptop on and click on folder icon. watch movie.
9. combine flashlight and battery. look under closet.
10. extend the antennae and use it under the closet
11. use key on closet. get red remote control.
12. drag red remote control on tv
13. push yellow button on wall. keep it pushed.
14. get screwdriver and second blue part from yellow robots hands
15. use screwdriver on black pannel next to orange robot
16. for the blue and red buttons on the wall hold down the blue button then roll the cursor over the red button (thanks Adrian)
17. get the third blue part and the microfone from the robots hands
18. combine the three blue parts and the flashlight to get a little robot
19. put that robot into the vent on the wall
20. attach the microfone to the laptop. click it.
21. watch the movie. get the key from the little robot. use the key on the door.

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