D's Treasure Hunt 1 - Ghost Walkthrough


D's Treasure Hunt 1 - Ghost is a point and click type escape the room from the creator of D's Room Escape.

"In this game you have to look for 4 treasures hidden in the world which the author's grandpa was not able to find."
Good Luck!

D's Treasure Hunt 1 - Ghost WalkthroughD's Treasure Hunt 1 - Ghost Walkthrough:
Get nail puller from behind first grave.
Use nail puller on grave and get mouse/hamster.
Use cat to wake up hamster.
Go back to house
Open door using nail puller.
Enter house and pick up rope.
Click on tan umbrella and get key.
In about item, tie string to hamster.
Use nail puller on crack in wall (in screen w/ ghost and spider)
Send hamster into hole and get matches.
Go to scene with people.
Click on feet and get crayons.
Use crayons on man with blank face.
Get comb.
Use comb on hair of lady with the freakishly long neck.
Open door and get locked box.
Use key on locked box to get candle.
Go to scene w/ scull.
Move scull from candleholder.
Put candle on candleholder and light using matches.
Ghost will give you hints for order of shapes behind door.
1 yellow star
2 blue spade
3 red heart
4 green club
5 orange diamond
Get well handle.
Go outside to well and use handle to get crown.
The game can end here if you take crown back to house, but you'll be missing one treasure. Sorry, but I'm not yet sure how to get the other one.

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