Escape Bathroom Walkthrough


Escape Bathroom is a point and click escape the room game.
This time, you are locked in a bathroom and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Escape Bathroom WalkthroughEscape Bathroom Walkthrough:
1. grab red ball on right side of tub
2. turn right, click left side of small box and press button
3. back out, open box, get yellow ball
4. turn right twice, move painting until the battery falls
5. open top and bottom drawers to get the flashlight and the other battery
6. combine the light with the two batteries
7. click the left side (lower down) of the dresser to get the blue ball
8. lift the front right corner of rug and get cane
9. turn right, let water out of the tub using the cane on the chain
10. get key out of tub
turn left, open remaining drawer, get magnifying glass
11. look in crack near cat (using flashlight), get screwdriver
12. zoom out, using the magnifying glass look at the long crack going up to get a 3 digit number
13. turn right, open the screws and enter the code to get the final ball
14. turn left (or right) twice and using the magnifying glass, read the small writing in the top right corner
15. left (or right) twice and put the balls in the rectangle according to code
16. for perfect end, click to let the cat out (for normal end, just leave )

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