Escape from Mr. Y's Room Walkthrough


Escape from Mr. Y's Room is a point and click created by Tesshi-e, who is also the creator of Escape from the Underground Room and Escape from the Forest of the Fairy, Ground Escape, Escape from the Balloon Room, Escape from the Same Rooms games.
Good Luck!

Escape from Mr. Y's Room Walkthrough:
Look at right side of drawer and get saw. Note the 2 nails holding drawer shut.
Turn right, get wire on safe.
Look at left side of safe and get blue cylinder. Note arrow for II.
Turn right, get matches on right side of windowsill.
Use wire on pig’s face, get candle.
Turn right, note colors and positions of clock hands.
Click the dial next to the thin door a few times until it turns.
Look above thin door, notice balance pan and arrow for V.
Open thin door, go in, notice rope, get hammer.
Examine matches, turn them and note arrow for III.
Examine hammer, note hint for IV.
Turn right, turn colored dials to positions of clock hands (green 11, red 8, blue 3), click PUSH, get hose.
Examine wire, use blue cylinder to bend wire.
Use hammer to remove nails holding drawer shut, take straight nail.
Open drawer, get wooden board, note hint for I.
Turn right, open safe, buttons correspond to arrows I-V (top-middle, bottom-left, middle-right, bottom-left, top-right), get drill.
Examine wooden board, use saw on it, use nail on it, use candle on nail, use matches on candle, use drill on board, use bent wire on holes (you have made a boat).
Turn right twice, turn on sink, use hose on running water to fill hall with water.

Ending 1 (day):
Use drill to make 6 holes in door, smash knob with hammer, leave.

Ending 2 (night):
Use boat on rope to burn rope, get key, turn left, use key on door, leave.

Ending 3 (happy):
Use boat on rope to burn rope, get key, look up and note hint for happy end, turn left, use key on door, examine matches, open them and get happy coin, leave.

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  1. these are great walkthroughs. do you actually play and beat all these games or are you friends with the creators or something?

    check out my site sometime:
    currently featuring my favorite political lawn signs

  2. Claudia plays them all. I see her point and clicking for hours every night.
    I'll check your site right now.


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