Escape the Room 2 Walkthrough


Escape the Room 2 is a point and click escape the room game.
In this game, you are trapped in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Escape the Room 2 WalkthroughEscape the Room 2 Walkthrough:
1. go left. click under table. click top left. take KEY (no need to take the gum).
2. zoom back. take SCRAPS from table. click on notepad to get PAPER CLIP. click on trash can to get some more SCRAPS.
3. go right twice. use key on box. take SCREWDRIVER. inside box use screwdriver on bolts. take WRENCH.
3. zoom back. click behind cabinet. take CHISEL and SCRAPS. use wrench on bols. use wrench on vertical PIPE to get it.
4. zoom back. use chisel on drawer. take KNIFE.
5. zoom back. use paper clip on first drawer of cabinet. take NOTE.
6. go left. turn off the lamp. use knife on electricity wire to get RED WIRE.
7. use wrench on pipe. use pipe on CLOCK. use wrench on clock to get BLUE WIRE.
8. turn left. zoom under table. open panel with screwdriver. put the wires in place.
9. zoom back. turn on computer. click restricted files. for the password you'll have to arange the scraps (click on one of the groups in the inventory bar). code is 556842 always. get password from computer (always 967482351).
10. go back and click on pics file. click on picture 3524 and note number of ingers up (3).
11. zoom back and go right. click on the right eye of Mona Lisa and punch the code you got from the computer. open and get KEY.
12. use key on front door. take jewlery box and zoom on it. the first answer is 0. in the second line you have to type the number on the bottom of the note you found (highlight it inorder to see it). you get a RING. zoom on it and remember the number.
13. zoom on door. first line is the number of fingers from the pic. second is the number from the ring. OUT!

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  1. This walkthrough is completely wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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