Escape3.0 for PC Walkthrough


Escape3.0 for PC is a point and click escape the room game.

Again, you are trapped in a room and you need to escape.
Good Luck!

Escape3.0 for PC Walkthrough, guide, solution, cheatsEscape3.0 for PC Walkthrough:
1. Get the alarm clock from the shelf.

2. Turn right. Get the piggy bank and the bookmarj from between the books.

3. Click between the bookshelf and the other piece of furniture
and get the ruler.

4. Turn right again and get the box from the floor.

5. Open the right closet door and open the red box. Get the hammer.

6. Smacs piggy bank with the hammer. Get the key.

7. Use key on first drawer of the desk. Get diary.

8. Open third drawer on desk and get screwdriver.

9. Click under bed and use ruler to get the battery.

10. Get the battery of the alarm clock.

11. Use the screwdriver on the box. Put on the batteries.

12. Open diary. Click the right arrow until you get to a page with a lot of numbers. On the right page, use the bookmark. Click on it on the lower screen, and then click again on the page. Put it on the lower left corner of the page. Move it until it marks 5 numbers.

13. Put those numbers on the box. Get key.

For normal ending use the key on the door and get out.

For bad ending get the key that is on the window after you get the other key in the box. Use it on the box above the bed. Click on the tape recorder and get the tape. Put it on the TV and watch.

For the good ending put the ruler on the closet door and do everything for the bad end.

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