Eskkapee Walkthrough


Eskkapee is a point and click escape the room game.

In this game, you are trapped in a room and you need to find your way out.
Good Luck!

Eskkapee Walkthrough, solution, cheatsEskkapee Walkthrough:
1. go to purple couch.
2. under cushions: blue key and remote
3. go to side of room with computer.
4. use blue key on the cabinet
5. collect battery and red key
6. go to side of room with TV
7. open drawers, collect battery and screwdriver
8. Use the red key on the bottom drawer
9. collect the wire
10. Use screwdriver to open remote, add batteries, turn on tv.
11. here you will need some timing,
there is a camera above the purple sofa. Position it so it looks like its pointing to the screwdriver
12. lift the cushion and move back to the TV screen as quick as you can, to the left. The code under the cushion changes each time, so don't rely on the same code over and over again.
13. go to the computer and use the wire on it. It will ask for the code. Type in the right code and it will open the door. Click on the door and you're out!

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  1. I cant get the items to work together .. Its irritating me !!


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