Free Falling Walkthrough


Free Falling is a point and click escape the room game from Gotmail.

You are trapped in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Free Falling WalkthroughFree Falling Walkthrough:
click the desk, then the chair then the ball you can now see
click the ball to pick it up and notice the locked door
go back and back again
click the plant, then click the seed pod to get it
double click the seed pod in your inventory and click it again to open it to get another ball
turn right, click the door, then clcik the lock to get a key
go back and click the picture, click again and again.
click the picture in your inventory and click the space on the wall where it was originally to put it back.
Click the picture again to make it into a mirror
go back, then left
click the desk, then the top right draw
use the key on the draw and get the bulb
go back twice
right twice
look up and try to put the bulb in the light. You can't reach it to replace the bulb so go back to the chair and get it.
choose the chair and click on the light, then put in the bulb
back on the floor, turn to face the stones. The reflected light shows you where the third ball is
go play the game with the 3 balls and win a key
use the key in the locked door under the desk to get some wire
look at and click the hooks on the blue stone, the swing and the pully on the ceiling above the blue stone
double click the wire in the inventory and link it all up
click the swing to lift the stone and get the key that gets you out

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