The GH Plot Walkthrough


The GH Plot is a challenging point and click type puzzle game.
In this game you need to find a lot of keys in order to finish the game.
Good Luck!

The GH Plot Walkthrough, solution, cheat, helpThe GH Plot Walkthrough:
Level 1: (5 Keys total)
1-Topleft of Key Count box
2-Bottom of Sun
3-Move 9 suns to the right wall, then try to move the 9th sun back, it moves a different one to reveal key
4-Move costumed person thing. Move hidden panel to left of window (near bottom)
5-Press green button and get key under dogbee's paw as he flips. Click window handle to escape

Level 2: (0 Keys total)
I don't know how this one works exactly, but this will get you out: Click everything. Sun, treetop, tree trunk, body, button, fence, field, dot. There's a moveable turf on left side of field. It reveals a button. Press button. Switch windows and wait. Go outside and hug a tree. The level will change eventually.

Level 3: (6 Keys total)
1-Top of towels on shelf
2-Behind bottom (on right side) of sink stand
3-Behind white tile under sink
4-Move text box to left, click button. Use blue square to aim red dot in bubble at red button behind panel. You can reset the bubble with the green button.
5. Aim red dot in dotted line on tub
6. Click on Shortie, wait for door, key is on bottom right. Open door.

Level 4: (5 Keys total)
1-Click balloon string so balloon floats away.
2-Panel of wood at foot of bed (big darkbrown square)
3-In "flat armchair" under window enter "TREETOP" into bottom section. Press tab key. Very top-left of game screen.
4-Use red keypad to align panel. Try it for yourself. If you can't get it, reset and then press each button in middle row once and bottom left button twice.
5-Press small wooden button under lock on door. Key is in sun. You can now unlock the lock.

Level 5: (1002+ Keys total)
Click the keys.

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