Grape Room Escape Walkthrough


Grape Room Escape is a point and click escape the room game from Sakura.

You are trapped in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Grape Room Escape WalkthroughGrape Room Escape Walkthrough:
1. Go right. Look under couch..
2. get sunglasses. Go back
3. Look beside red cushion. Get key. Go back.
4. Look to the right of the couch between the lamp and couch on floor. Notice the candle holder. Go back.
5. Look at the bottom of the fan. Notice code input and also small symbol. Its too small to read. Go back.
6. Look at fan blades. Notice the tiny needle at the top left. Take it. Go back.
7. Go right.
8. Look at clock. Notice the that 12 has been replaced by a 0. Go back.
9. Click on left side of the cabinet near the top. Notice the small whole on top right. Use your needle to unlock the draw. Go back
10. Open top draw. Take candle. Open bottom draw. Look at the underside of the shelf. Take the paper.
11. Look at the bin. It moves.....its nothing...ignore it!
12. Go right again.
13. (desk scene) Look at the small shelf just above the chair. Take the green star thing. Go back
14. Open the locked box with the key. Take the box of matches.
15. Open book on top shelf. Its blank. Use your fancy red sunnies to read the page. Notice CAFE=circle, up-triangle, down-triangle, square. Go back.
16. Go left. Use your green star to open box ontop of cabinet. Take the magnifying glass.
17. Go left again. Go back to bottom of fan. Use the magnifying glass to read the tiny print. Notice that its a clock with the word NEWS in it. Think like a compass. North, East, West, South. Think back the clock. 0396 is the code.
18. Take the coin.
19. Go back.
20. return to the candle stick holder. Place the candle and light it with the matches. Hold your paper to it to make symbols appear.
21. Using code from book and the totally obvious face on the door to see that the code to the door is FACE. Exit for perfect end.

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