The Great Bathroom Escape Walkthrough


The Great Bathroom Escape WalkthroughThe Great Bathroom Escape is a new point and click type escape the room game from Mateusz Skutnik who is also the creator of Submachine Series.

In this game, you are trapped in a bathroom and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

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The Great Bathroom Escape Walkthrough:
1. Pick up the brush.
2. Go right. Pick up toothbrush and denture from the shelf, and dental glue from the medicine cabinet.
3. Go right twice. Pick up suction noozle, open the WC's upper part and take metal plate. Get to WC's left part and take control valve.
4. Go right twice, notice the fly next to the neon lamp on the mirror. Talk to it and notice the spider and the crossed wooden pieces.
5. Go left. Use suction noozle on the spider.
6. Go left twice. Use brush on the crossed wooden pieces
7. Go left and talk to the fly, which will exit the room and give you a metallic thing. Pick it up, notice it is Key part I.
8. Use denture on metal plate, obtain small saw.
9. Use small saw on toothbrush, obtain handle.
10. Use dental glue on handle, stick control valve on it. You now have Key Part II.
11. Combine thw two parts of your key, use the key on its hole in the door.
12. You're out...back in the livingroom??

Thanks to: Jay is games

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  1. Where is the metal plate ? Which room and where abouts ?

  2. The metal plate in the water tank next to the flush handle...above the toilet, check the the lid..

  3. neither brush is doing anything when i click it all over the wooden boards! Are there any broken links in this game?

  4. There is an item by the toilet. It looks kinda like a popsicle stick. It is where the plunger's handle should be. You can pick it up, but it doesn't show up in your inventory. It also ruins your inventory, forcing you to replace your items to the far left. Glitched items suck!

  5. how come mines work yours not?

  6. Well if ii Tell Youu it Would Be Cheating And Plus ii Wouldd HAVE To KILL YOU !

  7. my key and handle wont stick!!!


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