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Kutuya aka Dwarf Shoes Escape is a new point and click escape the room game from the creator of:
Cindrella Escape
Escape of Blue Door
Escape of Little Red Riding-Hood
Rapunzel's Escape.
Escape from the House of Candy
and Escape of Green Door
Good Luck!

Kutuya WalkthroughKutuya aka Dwarf Shoes Escape Walkthrough:
1. Look around, pick up the book and look at is. Japanese words, and you see a little Spider-Man looking spider.
2. Pick up the jar
3. Pick up the spool of thread on the LEFT TABLE LEG.
4. Look on one side of the drawers. There's Spidey! Now, go to the opposite side, put the jar there. GO back to the side Spidey was on, and shoo him to the other side.
5. Next to the bed there is a picture. Look at her face. Her ears and nose have numbers. I had 603
6. The safe under the bed is used with this. It has shapes.

Example, the Hectagon has six sides
Circle has none
Triangle has three.
Nifty! Open the box and get the scissors.

7. Click the top left side of the drawer, there's a pin. Use lil Spider and he will shoot web(after wondering how, of course) Now you can climb up and get the pincushion!
8. There is also a stray nail on the table. Use Spidey again, and you can climb up. Bring up the pincushion, and click the pins until you find the needle.
9. Now, look at that book again. Keep flipping pages until you find a discolored spot. Click it, and you get material.
10. Place the material on the red thing on the table. Pin them down. Like Grandma did when she knitted the hole in your Pjs. Cut out the little red shapes.
11. Go to the book yet again. Keep going until you see the words 'BRB' this means
Blue Red Blue. Go to the little safe-box and put in pentagon, hexagon, pentagon.
12. Use the needle on the red cloth. SHOES!! Yayyy!! Put the little black soles on them, to make them all nice.
13. Go to the right side of the bed. Ooh, a present. Someone left you a hat! Take it, and go out the door.

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