Mini Escape 3 Walkthrough


Mini-Escape 3 is another chapter of Mini Escape point and click escape the room game.

In this game you are trapped and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.

Mini Escape 3 WalkthroughMini Escape 3 Walkthrough:
1. gree door, third drawer, get magnite, bottom left flower pot, get four leaf flower
2. back to the hall, turn around, red door: click box in the middle, get key on the right, click black button on the left (this opens the yellow door); and before you leave, don't forget the green triangle on the right box
3. back to the hall, turn around, blue door: use key to open the star box, get star
4. back to the hall, into yellow door: you know what to do first, pull the lever, get the green wheel
5. back to the ehall, into blue door, put the green wheel on, get the scissors and push the black button (this opens the multi-colored room)
6. back to the hall, into the yellow room again, use scissors to get an ivy string
7. combine the magnite to the ivy string
8. back to the hall, turn around, into the last room, open the hole on the ground, put the magnite-string into the hole, and get a golden key
9. back to the first room (back to the hall, turn around, green door), open the cabinet with the golden key, get necklace
10 back to the hall, turn around, red door, connect the circuit using the necklace, notice the sequence of the light on the left
11. back to the hall, rainbow door: click the same sequence on the computer: blue red yellow blue green
12. i think you don't need me now.

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