Ponpon House 2 Odekake Walkthrough


Ponpon House 2 Odekake is a Japanese point and click room escape game from the creator of Ponpon House game.
In this game you need to enter the house and then you need to escape.
Good Luck!

Ponpon House 2 Odekake Walkthrough, solution, cheats, helpPonpon House 2 Odekake Walkthrough:
- Go into the house
- Go right, pick up candy from the candy box on the shelf
- Go right twice and pick up the plants
(notice key tied to the door)
- drop hat right from the door and open the panel to get the flower wheel
- Go right, zoom in on tablelight, pick up the crystal hart and 'read' book. Pick up bookmark.
- go right and zoom in on table and again on the white board. Put the plants there and gt the scissors.
- go left twice and kut the key loose.
- use this heart-shaped key on the table drawer (left side)
- grab fish-key and note
- go left ans use fish key on suitcase, grab fish and wind-up thinggy

Now Ponpon will come in in get out again. Follow it to the water

- put fish in the water, it turns into a submarine
- click the sub twice and go in.
- click the hole behind Ponpon and use the wind-up thinggy to wind it (4 or 5 times..)
- turn around and click the black screen
- put in the crystal heart

Now the fish will swimm.

- notice the numbers on the screen
- turn around
- look into the right window 'till you see something moving
- turn around again (fish will swim again)
- notice numbers and symbol that are on the screen now.
- go up the ladder

- turn left 4 times and follow Ponpon to the door
- Use bookmark to solve the code
- follow Ponpon and go up the stairs
- go trough door

- wait 'till Ponpon sits on the bench, click it and give it the candy. You get a nut.
- turn around and go right. Click the arrow and then the hole in the tree
- give the nut to the squirrel and pick up yellow thinggy
- click right and see the fountain and noice the key in the water you can't get (Yet)
- click right 3 times and see two handles in the wall. Click it.
- zoom in on the weel and put the flowerwheel in and than the yellow thinggy
- use your note to solve this code
- turn, click left, click fountain (3x)
- now turn the thing around till you get the key
- turn left 3x and click ponpon. Give it the key and your out.

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