Room Bath Walkthrough


Room Bath is a new Japanese point and click escape the room game from the creator of Room Fake.

You are trapped in a bathroom and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Room Bath Walkthrough, solution, hintRoom Bath Walkthrough:
1, open the curtain and take the wire underneath the bath.
2, conect it to the washingmaschine on the left side bottom corner.
turn the metalpiece and take the key
3, look at the toilet and notice the red gem take it
4, look at the toilet paper holder and take the stone nr. 1
5, look in the sink and take the plug out take the scisors from sink
6, wash it at the toilets top pipe
7, cut the wire under the sin take the powder and a paper hint
8, on the top of washing maschine pusche the toewl aside an take the dirty paper
9, face the loker near the washingmaschine on the left side take stone nr. 3
on the right side at the bath leg take yellow gem
10, use the key on the top cabinet take the balloon and the mesure
in the midle cabinet take the blank sheet
11, open the small doors on the washing maschine take stone nr.5
and ad 3x powder take blue gem left in the powder box
12, put the dirty sheet in the mashine and wash it
13, read the number upside down (4614) take the stone nr.6 and the key
14, open the locker over the bath and take stool
15, at the sink put the stool on the mark on the ground
16, in the cupboard take the handle and on the top of it the crowbar
17, now use the crowbar on the brown desk to reveal a color-pipe-type machine : )
in the sink take the violet gem
18, go to the cabinet near the maschine and use the crowbar on the right botom side
take the nail and open the cabinet and take the valve
19, fill the bath take blue shogun and bowl
20, now take the stool pull the mat in front of the bath aside and put the stool down
21, at the top take the dark blue gem a story book from the cealing and stone nr.2
near the camera
22, use the handle under the golden lion and open the upper locker to pull it up
23, place the shogun beside the red devil pull the shogun´s head to reveal a key
24, use the key on the cupboard above the sink near the white shaped lion
take glue and stone nr.4
25, use the nail on the balloon orange gem
26, look at the top of the nail and use glue on it give it to the shogun
27, fill the bowl with water and give it to the white lion
28, back to shogun the devil is dead take him and turn him round take the valve
29, us the valve on the sink to wash the mud away
30, turn it of to see the color patern with symbols each represents a different type of
water in the room . ( toilet hub, bath, toilet , sink) the X is a mix of two types of water
you combine in the color-pipe-type machine.
31, make the mix first , take any kind of water you want and ad it to the pipes put the bowl
under and fill it with the violet liquid.
32, fill the middle pipe with the violet liquid an the others acording to the patern in the sink
33, you should get a yellow liquid give it to the white lion it turns and reveals the spot to put the gems in.
34, now you see a puzzle over the bath where the stones should fit.
35, sink the blank paper with the symbol in lower right corner in the bath to reveal a code
36, apply this code to the toiletholder (notice the shape underneath the numbers)
37, look at and open the cabinet near the washingmaschine to see the stone pattern
38, apply the patern to the board over the bath and press the nod in the left botom corner
39, it turns now open the upper locker and pul the handle up to reveal a green gem
40, now go to the spot near the toilet and fit the gems inside acordin to the colours in the story
book. ( from bottom : green, orange, dark blue, yellow, violet, red, blue)

41, see the tunnel go out = FAKE END
42, press the chinese symbols to go back to the room
43, go back and face the sink see a hidden panell in the tunnel´s right upper corner
44, open it and pull the switch
45, take a closer look at the camera and press the small button
46, look at the gems near the toilet to see a light and a pattern , famyliar?
47, these represent a new water mix patern.
48, go to the white lion and take the bowl with yellow liquid to fill the midle pipe
49, fill the others ( toilet, bath, toliet hub, sink)
50, a safe opens take the shogun girl and place it beside the shogun
51, go away and back and take the hearth to reveal a stick in it
52, use the bowl on white lion and stick the stick to the lover right corner
53, go to the bath and press the puzzle button to tur it shoul stuck in the midle
54, go back to the white lion an take the white gem
55, now back to the bath the puzzle should restore
56, back to the white lion to take out the stick
57, oh gosh back to the bath run the puzzle and fill the white gem in the golden lions right

58, back of and pull the curtain back
59, a patern reveals a new number to put to the toilet (4263)
60, go to the washingmaschine and open it

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  1. Thanks for the walkthrough. You did a great job.

  2. i cant find the crow bar

  3. i have a problem witch board over the bath. i apply the patter but it's doesn't work...

    help me please

  4. you have to open all the cabinet doors to see the correct pattern

  5. Where is the spot next to the toilet?

  6. i cant find the crowbar!!!!!!help

  7. how do u switch on the washing machine?

  8. oh wait never mind

  9. i didnt see the heart

  10. but i reach the happy ending^_^no,the fake ending hehe

  11. I can't find the crowbar either. Started over 3 times. No crowbar. =(

  12. Oh I messed up at the end and the white gem is gone! I can't get out anymore!

  13. The end doesn't work. Nothing happens when I open the washing machine after putting the new code to the toilet

  14. There is no valve behind the board... Where is it?

  15. wheres the toilet paper holder??? i only have the gold and red

  16. never mind....where did u find the blue gem??? i only have gold and red

  17. I don't understand step 2 do I have to press the arrow on the left to get to the washing machine or do I do it when I'M in the bathroom? I have tryed both options but none of them worked! I have looked at other game walkthroughs on here but I do not think their good, could someone please help.

  18. i have made a new walkthrough 1st part for people that are stuck so that no one will have any more problems 1. Click the cabinet, open the middle drawer. Get secret note. Go back.
    2. Go left and click on sink. Undo stopper and take muddy scissors.
    3. Go back and left. Flush toilet and wash scissors in water on top of toilet.
    4. Go right and snip the string on cabinet. Inside, take detergent and washing machine instructions.
    5. Go right and click bottom-left corner of washing machine. Remove and turn over panel to reveal a key which you should take.
    6. Go back and right. Open shower curtain and look under bathtub. Take cord.
    7. Go back and click the cabinet and use key on top drawer. Open cabinet and take balloon and detergent scoop. Take YELLOW GEM from foot of bathtub.
    8. Go back and left. Click bottom left of washing machine and connect cord. Go back.
    9. Click the washing machine and open detergent. Use scoop on it. Open the little tab on the washing machine and take the FIVE TILE. Put detergent in. Repeat twice more.
    10. Go back and move towels on washing machine. Take dirty rag. Open washing machine and put that in.
    11. EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    12. Just kidding. Open the washer and take the dirty rag. Upside down, you can see numbers. For example, LIES=5317 LOSE=3507 and HIGH=4614.
    13. Turn to the toilet. Take the tiny RED GEM to the upper left. Click combination on toilet.
    14. Make the combination what you found on the dirty rag. Take SIX TILE and key.
    15. Turn to the bathtub. Click the cabinet above the lion and use the key on it. Take the stool. This will be helpful.
    16. Back up and move the rug. Put stool on mark and go up. Take blue gem and The Story on the ceiling. Read that real quick, then click the projector. Take the TWO TILE.
    17. Go back twice and take the stool. Go right twice and then put the stool down on the mark. Go up.
    18. Look above the drawers and take the crowbar. Go back and open the left drawer. Take the handle.
    19. Go back twice and right twice. Click the lion and put the handle under him.
    20. Go back and click the cabinet. Click the right side of it and use the crowbar on both nails. Take the straight one and go back.
    21. Open bottom drawer and take valve. Check the left side of the cabinet to get the elusive THREE TILE.
    22. Go back twice and click bathtub. Use valve above the faucet and turn it.
    23. Go back and put the first note you got into the water. Take bowl and doll. Click doll again. Go right and click toilet paper dispenser.
    24. Click top of toilet paper dispenser and take ONE TILE and tube. Move the flippers as shown on the first note. Back up.
    25. Move to bathtub and click yellow lion. Open cabinet and click handle. Put doll near devil. Back up and open the cabinet again. Raise doll’s head then take key inside.
    26. Move to screen with lion picture with bowl indentation. Put stool down and look on the cabinet. Open the right cabinet with the doll’s key. Open the cabinet and take the FOUR TILE and superglue.
    27. Put superglue on the nail and use the nail on balloon. Get ORANGE STONE. Look in detergent box for BLUE STONE.

  19. 2nd part

    28. Go left and use crowbar on big wood panel. Open grate and take PURPLE STONE. Use sword on blue guy, go back open lion again and take red guy. Turn red guy around, get valve. put valve in muddy sink and tap it again. find order. use bowl, get water from the tap and put it in any tube in the machine with 5 tubes. put bowl over grate and take purple water. put purple water in middle test tube. go back, get water in bowl from muddy sink and put it into the test tube on the very right of the machine. then go get some water from the toilet, put it into the bowl, put that in 4th test tube. bathtub water goes in 2nd test tube, toilet sink water goes in first test tube. put bowl on grate and click button. get……….. yellow liquid. go back and left. Put yellow water into lion’s mouth. now go to where the other lion was and put the numbered tiles like this…
    then press bottom left button. open yellow lion as usual and get green gem. go to the hidden panel you saw in the picture after you put the yellow liquid into the guys mouth. Here’s the order you put the stones in…
    dark blue
    if anybody has any more problems just ask them on here and I will explain in more detail:)

  20. 1

    How do we enter this? show us like the example below(NOT CORRECT, i dont think)


  22. Thanks, and the switch when looking in the sink veiw, not directly the sink, but the zoomed out veiw of the sink. there a tab by the tunnel, click there

  23. ON the second half:Use what sword on what blue guy?

  24. for
    35 How do i do that because i can't put it on the bottom left peg?


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