Seven Bears Walkthrough


Seven Bears is a Japanese point and click escape the rom game.

In this game, you are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Seven Bears WalkthroughSeven Bears Walkthrough:
Click the table an open the middle drawer.
In the right corner is the "Stone of Mystery"
Go back an left, two times.
Open the lowest drawer and take the bag.
Open the upper right drawer and take the plastic hammer.
Click on the lamp on the desk an a little left to see the wire. Click it.
Click on the lower left side of the desk to find BEAR #1
In same view, there is the clable from the lamp. Click it again tu put it in the plug.
Now go back and view the lamp. Turn the light on and find BEAR #6
Turn left.
Click on the bed to lift the blanket.
Take BEAR #2
Go back an turn left to window.
Click the left curtain to change the view and see the lower corner of the window.
There is a bear-shadow. Take BEAR #5
Look this bear in full view and click his hidden arm. You see a word. "Zero" or "Neon". Note it.
Go back and turn left to table.
Click on the small Drawer to zoom in. Open middle drawer and click the right corner, where is a little bit darker to find the "Stone of Mystery".
Open the lower drawer to see a bos with a star.
Go back and view the Laptop.
Turn the monitor on and click the folder with the devil on it.
The password is the word on the bear.
Zone= Zero-One-Nine-Eight
Neon= Nine-Eight-One-Nine
You see the star from the box.
Note the colours and make the same colours an the box.
Open box and take BEAR#3
Click in the same view on the cover to find and take the "Seal of Magic".
Mark the Hammer and look it in full screen. Use the Seal on it.
Look the Stone of Mystery and unse the Hammer on it.
Take the key and use it on the upper drawer on table to find BEAR#4.
Turn left to door.
Click the hanger under the dress to zoom in.
Click a little bit around to look insinde the dress and find BEAR#7.
Now you can go out.

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