Square Rooms Nightmare Walkthrough


Square Rooms Nightmare is a new Japanese point and click type escape the room game.
You are trapped in a house and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Square Rooms Nightmare Walkthrough, solution, help, cheatsSquare Rooms Nightmare Walkthrough:
Click red button.
Go right.
Click left side of trash bin, take broken knife.
Click inside trash bin, get green key.
Use Key in "W" door. Enter the door.
Go right, click on picture, get nail from "R"
Take wrench from drawers.
Get pliers on top of cupboard.
Go right, get crowbar from behind W door.
Go right, click hole in the wall, Use the broken knife to get the cloth.
Go right, click on blood, use cloth and get grey key.
Use Key to open "E" door.
Use crowbar in the planks of wood.
Click on planks, use pliers on wire, get wire.
Go right twice, there is a mouse hole on the left side of S door, use the nail and the wire in the mouse hole, take Key.
Go right, get hammer.
Go right, click on safe (bottom of screen) and use the key to open safe, get yellow key.
Use yellow key to open "N" door.
Click on blood, use cloth to get weapon and bullets.
Go left, use wrench in the wall panel, use nail to get key.
Go right twice, use key on panel.
Go to the room with cupboard, go to the door with a red dot and put the code 409, get red key.
Use red key on "Exit door" note the code: 3265
Go to "X" door, put the code 3265. Click weapon and use it on the door.
Get bunny, click arrows, a lot of Japanese text and "to be continued"

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