Stone Age Sam Walkthrough


Stone Age Sam is a point and click/adventure game.

"Life's tough in the StoneAge. To make things worse our man Sam isn't really known for his smarts; left to his own devices he probably wouldn't last a day! However, although he may be all brawn, fortunately he's got your brain to help him out! And he'll need it too as he's got to find food, make weapons, survive sabertooth tigers, capture wooly mammoths, evade hungry crocs, drive off enemy tribesmen and to top it all off, keep his girlfriend Lucy happy! So lets get prehistoric and help Sam use his noggin in this crazy point-and-click adventure."
Good Luck!

Stone Age Sam WalkthroughStone Age Sam Walkthrough:
level 1 apples
1. click feathers
2. get the stick near the nest
3. use the stick to move the rocks (just click the stick and the rock)
4. click on the crocs when they are out of the water
5. pick up the rock next to you
6. throw it at the bear (the bear should run away)
7. shake the tree and ur done

level 2 shelter
1. grab the vine near sam
2. move over the butterflies to find a rock
3. click on the tree that you first see (he should have the grapling hook)
4. then click on the closest tree to Sam
5. then the next
6. pick up the flint on the left
7. go to the fire pit and create fire
8. do the same for the next
9. now ur stuck but on top of the rocks there is a rock in a different color click it ( it is like air)
10. light the fire and ur done (animal dies/burns)

level 3 the hunt
get the stick
get the rock on the far left
go to the dead skeleton of the deer and pick up the skew
grab the other stick
click on the water (this should creat a small river)
kill the dear
wolves come to take food
click the deer that is burned
the wolves will like that and scare the tiger away
ur done!

lvl 4 the wife
make fire
get deer and put over fire
get the flower on the upper right hand corner
put it into the vase (it looks like a cup)
she will come in
get the charcoal next to the pit
click on the brighter part of the wall
he will be drawing things
then u can click the girl
the end they make out and have babies

lvl 5 mamoth
get the sticks
then the U shaped stick
sinew from the dead deer
get feathers
get leaves
click the hill but don't touch the manomath
shoot the mannoth (he should run)
click the pit (sam throws the leaves)
click on the other side of the pit

lvl 6 family
get the rock
throw at the bunny
go to the spears
go to the fire place and pick up a peice of stick on fire
light the spear shack
go the the big rock on top of the hill and click it
the tiger should come out and kill every one
shoot the bee hive to kill the 2 people
immediately click on the cage to let the doggy out
doggy go and attacks the pot
person runs and dies
get the stick of fire and light the big wooden house (gaurd house)

lvl 7
the end they live happly ever after!

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