Storage Escape Walkthrough


Storage Escape is a point and click escape the room from the creator of Hot and Cold.
In this game, you are trapped in a storage and you need to find items in order to escape.
Good Luck!

Storage Escape WalkthroughStorage Escape Walkthrough:
1. Get the PAPER under the table (behind far leg).
2. Get the PENCIL into the air conditioned.
3. Get the SCREWDRIVER under the chair.
4. Put the paper over the table (left-botton corner, into scratch - not zoon it).
5. Use the pencil into the paper and note the code (4937).
6. Use the code into the closet lock and get the ACID (HCl).
7. Use the acid in the box and get the 1st key.
8. Use the screwdriver into the white panel between the door and bin and get the 2nd key.
9. Use the keys in the panel at wall and get the HAMMER.
10. Use the hammer on door's lock.

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