Apple Room Escape Walkthrough


Apple Room Escape is a point and click escape the room game from Sakura.

In this game, you are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Apple Room Escape WalkthroughApple Room Escape Walkthrough:
1. take the apple 1 on the floor

2. same view, click on the bottom left next to the fridge, take the plier and note the vertical 'BAR' on the wall

3. go left to the sink view. take the apple 2, and then take the green key using the plier.

4. check the sink - take the apple 3 and note the horizontal 'ROM'

5. turn left, check the gap between the kitchen cupboard and the wall. take the apple 4 and note the vertical 'GYM' on the wall.

6. check the left of the grey cabinet, take the broom

7. turn left, click on the right most chair. there's another chair. with the chair on the floor, click on the upper wall corner to see the ceiling

8. click the brown sqaure with the broom. take the blue key

9. take the chair, go back to the grey cabinet. move the rubbish bin and then put the chair next to the cabinet (on the right).

10. check the top of the cabinet. take the hammer and note the horizontal 'BIG'

11. go back to the corner where you get the plier. there's a crack on the wall. hit it with the hammer and get the red key

12. check the gap between the kitchen cupboard and the fridge, get the apple 5

13. now you have 4 words:


check the code pad next to the door, there're 8 circles

so blue(B) on top left corner, red(R) on bottom left corner, green(G) on top right corner

and you will see a white circle in the middle

14. go out with perfect end

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