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Bomb escape 1 is the 2nd escape game from

You are trapped in a room which contains a live bomb. You have to defuse the bomb in 10 minutes, for which you have to solve the puzzles and use the correct code format, which you will find while playing the game. After which you can come out of the room.
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Bomb escape 1 Walkthrough, solution, cheats, helpBomb escape 1 Walkthrough:
1) Open the drawer in the living room and read the message there.
2) Go to the chess board and mate the 'black king' with the 'castle' and conclude the game.
3) The wall clock will now slide aside, revealing a screwdriver, pick it up.
4) Complete the puzzle game on the wall, go close in and animate the eyes of the cat in the picture.
5) The second draw of the 'chest of drawers' will automatically open after this, revealing a 'spin game'.
6) After the completion of the spin game, click on the secret panel on the wall.
7) Click on the panel door, which will reveal a red colored switch, click on the switch.
8) Next click on the place where the chandelier's light falls, click at random till a secret drawer opens displaying a key.
9) Use the key to open the 'chest of drawers', which contains another clue.
10) The clue number is 1866.
11) Take the screwdriver from the inventory and open the panel in the wall.
12) Type the 'password year', another door will open revealing 9 buttons and a key.
13) Place the key with the other inventories, and type the 'inverted Y' on the buttons, as seen in the eyes of the 'cat puzzle'.
14) This will result in the bomb getting defused, you now have to find your way out of the room.
15) Click on the vase on the table, you will get the code number 65.
16) Use the key to open the wall safe, you will find a number panel there.
17) Fill up the vacant boxes with numbers, so that you get 65, counting both horizontally and vertically.
18) Use the numbers 13 and 20, encircled in red to open the digital lock of the door to escape from the room.

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  1. I dont get the chess board

  2. Take the rook (castle) at a5 and place it over the knight (horse) at h5.

  3. wheres the secret panel at>
    i cant find nothing about a secret panel

  4. who knows where to click at for the chandelier to fall?

    thank u and have a blesssing day lol

  5. I continue to don't get the chess board.. I do what you said, but it doesn't work!..


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