Eskkapee 2 Walkthrough


Eskkapee 2 is a sequel of Eskkapee point and click escape the room game.

You are trapped in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Eskkapee 2 WalkthroughEskkapee 2 Walkthrough:
1.Click on pot plant, it will move to the left pick up red key.
2.turn left once, use red key on bottom drawer.
get blue key
3. get pen and tweezers from other drawers
4.turn right once, use pen to stop blade of fan, use tweezers to get piece of paper on fan again to remove pen
click on the pot to move it as close to the fan as it will go the fan to turn it to face to pot, a piece of paper will fall out
7.turn right twice connect the phone at the wall.
8. use blue key to open cabinet under phone
9. dial the number on the piece of paper you get from the cabinet
10. whilst phone is dialling click back and turn right once pick up phone from in between couch.
11. turn left once and click cord attatched to phone
12. click cell and attatch it to the cord to charge it
13. click cell again to pick it back up, then enter the code on the other piece of paper (it is a 6 digit code)
14.will say msg recieved with a new code enter this code into the pink phone
15 you are out

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