Heart Escape 2 Walkthrough


Heart Escape 2 is a point and click escape the room game from Strawberry Cafe.

You are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Heart Escape 2 WalkthroughHeart Escape 2 Walkthrough:
1. Click the carpet, take green heart. Top left drawer is empty, top right is locked. Bottom left asks for a code, bottom right gives you a blue thing you need later. Go right.

2. Take sugar, note the box that needs hearts. Take the sugar. Go right.

3. Open the fridge, take red heart from left tomato. Also take top left box. Go back.
Open left cabinets, you can put sugar and the box you took from the fridge inside (or you can wait until you have everything). Just keep clicking until you find the right spot. In that view, click up, take red paper. Go right.

4. Right from the sofa is a syrup or something, take it. Move all the cushions, take another blue thing, red wood and orange heart. Go to the kitchen.

5. Put the two blue things and the red wood below the top kitchen cabinets (in front of sink), open them, take pan from top shelf, take salt from bottom shelf. Examine pan, take red paper. Open right cabinet and put sugar, salt, box from fridge and syrup inside, a key will fall. Go back, take the key. Go right (or left) twice, use key on top right drawer, take blue heart.

6. Put the red papers inside the empty picture frame above the sofa. It is the code for the box that needs hearts. So, go to the right and put the hearts in the box, push push. Go back, click empty space in top right shelf (maybe several times until you find it, but trust me, it's there), you get the code for one of the drawers. Go back and left.

7. Write code where it's needed, take the key. Obviously, you need to use it on the door.

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