Kongbai2000 Escape Game walkthrough


Kongbai2000 Escape Game is a new chinese point and click room escape game.

As usual in escape games you are trapped in a room and you have to find your way out by solving puzzles and finding items.

There's not much to say about Kongbai2000. It's simple but not that easy to solve.

1 - Open the brown cupboard.
2 - Take the spray bottle and the key.
3 - Click the books.
5 - Click the fifth book.
6 - Click the desk drawers.
7 - The two top drawers contains papers (white on the left and black on the right).
8 - Click the garbage and then click on crumple paper.
9 - Click on cabinet near the bed.
10 - Click on the key and the yellow box.
11 - Go back to the desk drawers and click the black key in your items box now click the bottom right hand drawer key hole and inside there is a black power cord, click it.
12 - Click the blue key in your item box and click the left bottom drawer key hole. Inside there is a purple box, click it.
13 - Go to the TV screen, click the power cord and click the screen, then click the round botton on the right of the TV screen (the TV should turn on).
14 - Click on the black paper in your item box then click the chinese characters on the bottom of your items box, the black paper should appear on the TV screen.
15 - Now click the spray bottle in your items box then click the black paper (the numbers 820804 should appear).
16 - Go back to the brown cabinet on the wall, click it and click the middle section (a gun should appear, click it).
17 - Click on the crumple paper in your items box and click the chinese characters on the bottom of your items box. The crumple paper should appear on the screen, click it. It should open up with a rock on it.
18 - Click the purple box then click the chinese characters but the numbers 820804 in, then click the top of the purple box (it should open and a yellow key should be inside) click it.
19 - Click the yellow key and click the green door keyhole. You'll see a crowbar, click it.
20 - Now go to the bed, click the yellow box and click the chinese character, click the crowbar and then click the yellow box (the box is full of green keys) click them.
21 - Click the brown door keyhole. You are out.

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