Monster Basement 2 Walkthrough


Monster Basement 2 is the second chapter of Monster Basement point and click escape the room game.

In this game, you need to find items and solve puzzles in order to escape before the monster return.
Good Luck!

Monster Basement 2 WalkthroughMonster Basement 2 Walkthrough:
-Clay pot (outside next to the shed)
-Toolbox key (Inside the clay pot)
-Shed key (Girl gives it to you after you get rid of the leaches)
-Mobile phone (Chair in main room)
-Match box (between the television set and the wall closest to the door to the kitchen)
-Basement key (Found inside the mask)
-Laxative(Left edge of the television)
-Magnet (In the toolbox in the shed)
-Rope (On the roof)
-Scrowl head (Found in the sewers. Combine rope and magnet to grapple item)
-Scrowl hold (Girl loses it in the pond. Use grapple)
-Scrowl Scepter (Combine with Scrowl head and hold)
-Handy man hotline pamphlet (On the wall in the main room)
-Diary (In the drawer under the girls bed)
-Ad DVD (In the DVD player)
-Recorded DVD (Upstairs in the DVD recorder)
-Kitchen salt (In the kitchen)
-Music sheet (In the kitchen)
-Eyedopple's bones (After the butcher drops the kids off at the pool)
-Chainsaw (From the brother)
-Mask (From the brother)

-Grab the pamphlet on the wall. Pamphlet advertises a wrench for sale and a number to dial.
-Grab the mobile phone on the floor.
-Find the match box on the television set.
-Find the laxative remedy behind the 3rd candle on the left side in the stair way. You must light it with the match stick first to see its shadow. Click on that shadow to attain.
-Pour the laxative remedy into the cup in the kitchen. The butcher then rushes to the toilet outside.
-Grab the salt.
-Find the music sheet in the kitchen. Use it in sync when knocking on the door so she lets you in upstairs.
-You see the daughter again, but she teleports, you'll find her on the ground outside the lake covered by leeches. Apply salt to rid of the leeches.
-The Mud vile appears. The acidity of the mud vile forms a pathway down the well into the sewers.
-Find the shed key in bathroom upstairs. You must shake the towel 4 times for it to drop.
-Use the Shed key to unlock the shed
-Use the Toolbox key to unlock the tool box.
-Grab the rope hanging on the windmill. Be patient as it passes by up the top of the house.
-Grab the magnet in the tool box.
-Your friend throws the mud vile and melts the ground, leading down to the sewers.
-Descend to the sewers. Combine the rope and magnet to grapple on the scrowl head.
-Use the magnet in the toilet outside after the butcher has relieved himself. You will find inside the Eyedopple's bones hidden underneath all that poop. Use the magnet to retrieve it.
-Use the sink upstairs to clean the Eyedopple's bones.
-Mobile phone is only receptive upstairs. Call the handy man. But he will say "Pay me".
-Place the Eyedopple's bones inside the letter box. Call the handy man, and he will replace it with the wrench.
-Use the wrench to take out all the bolts from the basement lid.
-Grab the scrowl hold from the girl. However you must trade it for her diary. She is found hiding in her room again.
-Combine the scrowl hold with the scrowl head to make the scrowl scepter. (freezes time)
-Find the monster trap DVD in the girls room.
-Go down stairs and take the Ads DVD out, replace it with the Monster trap DVD in the DVD player and watch the scary movie. (Scary movie showing the painting of the chainsaw dude is real) You hear noises coming from behind you.
-Use the Scrowl scepter to freeze time.
-Take the chainsaw from the enemy and use it against him.
-Take the mask.
-Examine the mask to find the basement key inside.
-Use the basement key to unlock the lid in the basement.
-Enjoy the ending.

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  1. where the heck is ze mudvile?

  2. stupid handy man wont take my call!!
    it keeps saying "closed."

  3. you gotta call the after hours number.

  4. he keeps sayin gno why is this

  5. okay game but not as good as Exmortis and 1 and even 3

  6. i cant find the key to the toolbox

  7. the handy man wont trade me!

  8. who is this so called, 'friend'?

  9. Where is The Mud vile. I can't find it?

  10. Wow...
    I Did It Wrong. Haha.
    I Didnt Get That Freezy Time Thingy
    And Chainsaw Dude Is Behind Me.
    This Game Is Awesome, But Scary.

    So Thats Why Im Getting My Mum To Look At Chainsaw Dude.
    Handy man keeps saying
    then cuts off...???

  11. How do i know when to call the Handy Man to trade with the wrench?

  12. jus put 13 70 49 on the phone

  13. That was a GREAT game. I liked it way better than the first one.
    Gross and scary!! My favorite
    When you get the bones from the poop in the outhouse and wash them off you put it in the mailbox and call him from the upstairs bathroom.

  14. This mud vile does NOT want to appear

  15. were do you get the top to thescrowl scepter

  16. I want to help you all so imma go in order mischievous, if the mudvile already came then get the rope and the magnet then conbine them by clicking on the eye in the magnet then use the rope on it, then go down and look for a shiny pipe then use ur combined rope and magnet on the little dark ball and there you go. now if you want the mudvile to appear just look for the key to the tools room then get the key to the toolbox then go out and do not find it. he finds you.

  17. I did it!It was awesome!!!!!!!

  18. Woo Hoo I Finally Finished The Game
    It Was Long And Scary And A Bit Hard But I Did It Lolz

  19. I can't find the laxative. It won't let me light the candle. Help?

  20. You have to click the top of the candle then on the left side of candles, click in the right side of the 3rd candle. Oh i beat the game just today. It's scary and awesome at the same time! lol.

  21. To get the handy man to trade you have to put Eyedopple's bones into the mailbox/birdhouse thing. Open the lid, click on the bone (found in the butchers poop by using the magnet on it, and then cleaned in the girl's sink) and then click inside the mailbox. You have to call the bottom number on the paper, and you have to call up in the girl's bedroom. (maybe the bathroom, because that's where I did it at).

    Good luck, all.

  22. i did it!

    in order to light out the stairway, you must 'eye' the matchbox, open it, grab a matchstick and light it up. only then you can light the candle and take laxative remedy

    in order to call the handyman, use the other number. the after office hours number which is 137049. i was so stupid for not realizing that. haha

    and the basement lid is where the room with dead body in it, armorgames poster etc. i was looking for the basement lid like crazy because i did not go to that room so much

    and scrowl head is a round thing found in the shiny something inside the sewer. just use magnet+rope

    i'm waiting for monster basement 3 :P

  23. where is the mud ville?

  24. i cant read the music sheet! HELP!!!!!!!

  25. Why can't I grab the chainsaw when he is attacking me after I have frozen time? Please help.

  26. Where is the toolbox key?????????

  27. Omg, i finally did it. I feel so stupid for not noticing the obvious!!!

    Good game, cant wait until Monster Basement 3!

  28. The Mudvile appears after you open the toolbox. It wont appear unless you do that.

  29. wheres is the toolbox key i cant get it out of the pot and how!!?????

  30. i tought i will death when i meet the mud ville .the toolbox key is inside the pot click sync and click the mouth of the pot then you will find it call handy man u nid to call the number of the after time 107039

  31. Where is the mud vile ????? ive opened the tool box

  32. Wait the mud vile to appear after you opened the shed and the tool box, then get out of the shed.For me I opened the two things and then I try to click the basement door and then it appears..

  33. what the hell do you do with the sheet music? i really dont understand!!!! please help.
    many thanks xxxx

  34. how the hell do i freeze time to get the damned chainsaw?


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