The Necronomicon is a card game which involves two duelists locked in a deadly battle with only a deck of cards to influence combat proceedings.

The Necronomicon by Games of Cthulhu
Both sides start out with forty life points, but gain an additional five maximum life points for each increase in level. The computer AI will gain one rank after each round of combat, but a player's level increase is determined by their performance in the previous battle.

To play a card, simply select one from your hand and click on book of Necronomicon at the center of the table. Sanity cost is shown at the bottom right of each card, although players are only penalized with a random insanity effect when their sanity counter is reduced to zero. The duel ends when one combatant loses all of his or her life points.

Only one creature can be summoned per side. Creatures do not attack directly, but will counterattack when their masters are injured by the opposing party. A creature's attack score is shown on the card itself and as a number in red when the creature is in play. Damage dealt by your creature is calculated by deducting the attack score of the opponent's summoned creature, then minus your opponent's armor rating or Elder Sign which is shown as a number next to a green symbol.

The red marking or Arcane Power is a bonus damage modifier for cards with the same symbol, while the yellow sign indicates the amount of damage you will take at the end of each turn due to spell or curse effects.

Games are automatically saved after every three levels, and there are twenty levels to play in total. Use the green plus and minus signs at the main menu to increase or decrease the quality of graphics.

Name: The Necronomicon
Developer: Games of Cthulhu
Category: Strategy
Type: Browser

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