Office Room Escape Walkthrough


Office Room Escape is a point and click escape the room game from 123bee.

A stranger is trapped inside an office cabin without possessing an access card, which is mandatory to get out of the cabin. He will have to use the available clues from the objects inside the cabin to make his way out of the cabin.
Good luck!

Office Room Escape WalkthroughOffice Room Escape Walkthrough:
1: Turn of the switches which are to the extreme left.

2: Take the rod and break open the plug board. 2nd plug board frm right.

3: Take the paper cutter and cut the wires.

4: Now connect the wires wrogly. i.e. click on the tip of the lower red wire and drag it to upper green wire. similarly click on the tip of lower blue wire and drag it to upper red wire and click on lower green wire and drag it to upper blue wire.

5: Now turn on the switches on the extrem left wall.

6: Once the switches are ON, go back to the plug board, u can see fire.

7: Now take a paper from the paper tray on the table and lite the fire. Once the paper is on fire, put it below the panel next to the door. Like that lite 3 or 4 papers and put it below the panel.

8: once tht is done, click on the handle of the door, the door will open.

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