Old Castle 3 Walkthrough


Old Castle 3 is the latest episode of the Old Castle point and click saga.

This escape the room game is probably the hardest to solve developed so far. You have to explore a castle and escape with an artefact from there.

Old Castle 3 WalkthroughOld Castle 3 Walkthrough:

01. Click the purble diamond on the right corner
02. Pull the diamond from your inventory to the crown
03. Click the crown and the purple diamond

First Room:
01. Take the bucket (1) from the left corner, the key from the shelf and the corkscrew from underneath the barrel
02. Take a heavy object from left or right the table (changes every game)
03. go to the right an take the sword and the barrel
04. put the key in the keyhole and open the cupboard
05. hit the statue with the sword and get the head, also take the collar. DONT FORGET TO TAKE THE KEY WITH YOU AFTER YOU CLOSED THE DOOR!
06. got right 2times and take the bottle on the left side of the cupboard and the shield on the right side
07. go left again and take the moon-shaped thingy from the table
08. now open the bottle with the corkskew and place it in front of the rat passing by
09. a genie will appear, click him and select „walk around the castle“ click the second room

Second Room:
01. Take all the objects (2 buckets (2 and 3), one plant, gold and small barrel)
02. now click above the middle and wait a few seconds. The medals will start to spin and show different zodiac signs. You have to wait until the order of the zodiac signs are in the right order (changes every game) and when they do, you pull the lever (it can take very long until the right combination appears…so be patient!)
03. The picture that appears gives you a hint on how to place items on the round table below. That changes everytime.
04. FIRST: light the small barrel in your inventory with the candle on the left side!
05. Now there are multiple combinations of how to put items on the round table. It’s probably one of these, from left to right
a. ring, shield, head, sword, burning barrel, gold, plant, moon or
b. ring, shield, burning barrel, moon, plant, gold, head, sword
06. After you place the items in the correct order, the table lowers and you can take a liquid out of the middle of the table.
07. pull that liquid to the bottle of the genie on the right, now you’ll be able to access to more rooms when „walking around the castle“

FIRST go into the

Fourth Room:
01. Move one step up the ladder and pull the corkscrew to the sign. After that click on the center of the diamond-shape underneath the sign
02. go up and repeat that three times (every symbol can be changed with the corkscrew and there are 4 floors)
03. When you have done that, climb down and click on the ladder (it will move to middle column) and do the same with each sign and shape
04. Do the same procedure with the third column
05. When you’re finished, take the metal thing on the very left of the screen

Now, click the genie and go to „luck“
01. Click (mark red) the corresponding letters for either „felicitas“ or „fortuna“ and click the center. Take the book, take a short look at it and change to room number 3.

Third Room:
01. Take the bucket (4) on the right side
02. Fill in the following numbers in the math-task: 45203 (twice) and as a result 90406. The board opens and you can take out a mirror.
03. Now turn around and click on the right side of the skeleton’s leg.
04. Place the mirror on the table. Though it will not be able to stand, attach the skeleton’s bone
05. Now put the key in front of the mirror and click the key INSIDE the mirror. Dont forget to take the other key as well.
06. Do the same with the metal thing from the 4th room.
07. When you click on the skeleton’s head, you’ll see his flashing several colors. Click the card with the same color of his eyes ONCE! You’ll quickly notice that there are some colors which dont match the cards. So: red is grey, blue is pink cyan is brown and white is green
08. When you did everything right, the skeleton will release the bottle of ist left hand, take it and pull it to genie’s bottle.
09. The last fifth room is now available. Go there.

Fifth Room.
01. Take the bucket (5) on the very right side
02. Now it’s math-time. When you click on the head of the gay monster, he’ll give you 2 roman numberals (changes every time). Summate them (for example: I + IV = V) and type the answer in the right window. The first stage is not very hard, the second can be more diffecult, so if you are not familar with roman numerals I suggest you take a quick look at wiki or google.
03. When you’ve reached the third stage, take the metal thing from the mirror and pull it to the ring on the bottom rope. Then attach the heavy object from 1st room. Now you got time to solve the equation. When you have the answer just click the fat guy and he’ll move upstairs. You’ll see something sticking out behind the sign he put down (a cross). Take it and go up the ladder
04. Take the bell.

Go to the 1st room again:

01. open both cupboards with the keys
02. Now do the following, the BLUE arrows of the 1st cupboards have to point to: S/SE/N/SE
03. 2nd wardrobe: SW/N/SW/S
04. a door will open, go in there and you’ll notice that your mouse-movements are „mirrored“.
05. Take the bucket (6) on the floor
06. Now you have to set six diferrent numbers according to the corners of each shape (changes every time). Only count the corners and not the ends of the lines!
07. After that you have to attach each six buckets to one of the skeletons who open the door. It doesn’t matter if you you place a bucket on a skeleton twice or more.
08. When you attached all six buckets to a skelton, the last one will stay and you can take his rope and page (take a short look at it)
09. Leave and then go to room 2 again

Room 2:
01. Drag the bell to either the burning barrel or the sword. You’ll get another rope. Combine the ropes and go to room 3 again

Room 3:
01. change to the view of the skeleton and you’ll notice that the card’s colors have changed. Do the game with him again (click his head), but now notive that yellow = red, cyan = yellow and red = cyan, everything else stays the same.
02. When you’ve accomplished that, the skeleton will reveal the rope. Take it.
03. Drag the bell to skeleton’s head and hit it with the rope. You’ll get the bones.
04. Attach the bones to the ropes and turn around
05. Drag the barrel in front of the wall and attach the metal thing to the hole in the wall. Then attach the rope to the metal thing.
To be continued...

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  1. I'm stuck in the very end.
    I followed your instructions until I should drag the bell to skeletons head.
    But it doesn't work!

    What I'm doing wrong?

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