The Other Side of the Door walkthrough


The Other Side of the Door is a japanese Escape the Room game with very nice graphics.

As usual in this kind of point and click online games you're locked in a room and you need to find your way out by finding useful items and solving puzzles.

The Other Side of the Door walkthrough

1 - Go the the left side of the door and get the piece of paper with red markings in the frame.
2 - Find the lighter in the plant, it is in the left side of the frame.
3 - Get the scissors in the pencil holder.
4 - Open the first drawer and get the magnet.
5 - Go to the left and get the plate on the window. There's a white box on the floor, use the scissors to open it.
6 - After you open the box get the piece of paper (it is pretty hard to find but you can press the tab key, we won't tell anyone).
7 - Get the string on the floor.
8 - Combine the magnet and the string to get the key behind the drawer.
9 - After you combine the magnet and the string go again to the drawer.
10 - Click the vase, it will go down to the floor.
11 - Click the brown linings of the drawer (click it to view the back of the drawer).
12 - Use the magnet with string to get the key.
13 - Use the key in the third drawer to open it.
14 - Take the candle.
15 - Combine the plate and the candle.
16 - Light the combined pieces with the lighter.
17 - Click the lighted candle and combine it with the paper with red markings.
18 - You'll see a code written in the paper.
19 - Enter the code to the door (note: enter only the even numbers on the paper). The code is: "2108"
You are out.

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