Otukimi Walkthrough


Otukimi is a Japanese point and click escape the room game.

In this game, you are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Otukimi WalkthroughOtukimi Walkthrough:
1.Go straight to the garden (blue door) above flowers there is a blue stripe take it. Those are the colours for the code. Go back
2.Tourn right. Watch the plant, zoom in, there is the number 4 green, notice that, zoom out, tourn right, and right
3.under tv click right door of the cupboard. Threr is the violet box, take it, tourn left
4. go straight to the kitchen, tourn right,take the right glass with the yellow star on it,open the big cupboard and click the curtain left corner, try few times than you will see the number 7 is pink,notice that,open the bottom cupboard and take the green thing on the rigth side, tourn left and left
5.open the fridge and take eggs and milk, put the milk to the glass and click on top of the glass, you will see another number 2 yellow,
6. open the door under the sink and take the brown thing with hole in it, zoom it about item and put the eggs on it,click on the eggs,tourn left, and right
7.zoom in the blue lamp and switch it on, you will get last number 6 blue, zoom about item the violet box,click the japanese marks bellow the box, close, and you will have to enter the code,look at the coloured stripe, pink 7,green 4,yellow 2, and blue 6, open it and get the key
8.go to the garden, tourn left and open the door with the key, get the brown stool, and the knob from the pink thing, go back to the garden and put the brown stool on the ground, then put on it the brown stool with eggs, and also the green thing
9. go back to the room and click the phone and you`re out. Sorry for my english

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