Remote Escape Walkthrough


Remote Escape is a point and click escape the room game.

You are trapped in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!

Remote Escape WalkthroughRemote Escape Walkthrough:
open top left drawer and take screwdriver
click top of drawer and take safety knife
open top left drawer and click in it with safety knife and take key
open fire alarm with screwdriver and take battery
go right and click right chair and take slide
click right table leg and take key
click plug socket and then open the right socket with the screwdriver and take key
click bin at the very left of the screen.
take slide from door handle and coathanger from bin
go right
click under couch and take magnet
click brown vase and click corner of carpet and take fuse
click on top of grey cabinet and take slide
open both left and right doors of the cabinet with keys and take remote controlled car and remote control
go to cabinet with books and open top left drawer with grey key
take projector
open fuse box under tv with screwdriver and put in fuse
place projector on shelf next to the "not doppler" picture
put the 3 slides in the projector and notice the letters RGB on the screen next to the fire alarm
click Red Green Blue on the not doppler picture and take camera
put battery in remote control
put coathanger on remote control
put the magnet and the camera on the car
put the car in the gap next to the vase near the door and push in the car
go to tv and use remote control on tv
go back to the gap and take the keys from the car
use keys on door and you're out

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