Resident Evil 5 preview


Capcom is going release another of the best survival horror game ever made, Resident Evil 5, also known as Biohazard 5 in Japan.

Yup! The game is going to be released on March 13, 2009. This time, players are to take the role of the former S.T.A.R.S member (Special Tactics And Rescue Service) and is now part of the BSAA unit, Chris Redfield. As expected, the game introduces the theme of escape as its core survival instinct. That means your life is in grave danger as you strive to achieve your most death defying mission yet in a sweltering desert colony where terrifying evil lurks in the place. Unlike the older series, the game setting is always in night time. But in Resident Evil 5, even in daylight, there is no safe place for you.

Resident Evil 5 preview
But not to worry, you are not alone. You have your partner with you, Sheva. She is a well-trained B.S.A.A. agent from Africa, and serves as Chris Redfield’s partner in the field. Sheva is adept with firearms and hand-to-hand combat. Her moves can even overwhelm Chris.

Since it is played in Playstation 3, there is no doubt that you will experience high definition graphics and special lighting effects. It overwhelm players with mirage movement and blinding brilliance. So be ready to be patient because it’ll be for a while to get your hands on this game.

Source: Eze Gamer

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  1. It's just half a year now until it comes out... good thing there are plenty of other great games to play in the meantime!

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